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Master EU crypto regulation with Consulting24.

Over 500 licenses were acquired in Estonia & Lithuania.

Analyzing EU Crypto Regulations Versus Dubai's Approach

Navigating the intricate world of cryptocurrency regulations, it becomes imperative to comprehend and compare the frameworks of different jurisdictions like the EU and Dubai. This understanding aids in unearthing the unique benefits and challenges each region presents, thereby aligning them with your business strategies.

In the EU, nations like Estonia and Lithuania shine with their progressive approach towards crypto regulations. Estonia, boasting a 0% corporate tax, becomes a magnet for emerging crypto businesses, while Lithuania, with its simplified licensing procedure and gateway to the broader European market, presents its own set of advantages.

Conversely, Dubai offers a distinct set of benefits. Renowned for its strategic positioning and pro-business environment, Dubai extends crypto licenses via its free zone authority and imposes no tax on crypto investments or trading, thus becoming a favorable hub for worldwide crypto operations.

By juxtaposing EU's crypto regulation with Dubai's, businesses can select the most conducive environment for their ventures. Grasping these diverse landscapes enables businesses to efficiently steer through the regulatory mazes, streamline their operations, and enhance their returns on crypto investments.

Total Price
License type and government fee
10,000€ 1. Cryptocurrency exchange license 2. Crypto wallet and custodian services license
1. 9,700€ - Advisory Services & VA Transfer and Settlement Services
1. Cryptocurrency exchange license 2. Crypto wallet and custodian services license
2. 24,250€ - Broker-Dealer, Custody, Exchange, Lending and Borrowing & VA Management and Investment Services
No additional fee
Required share capital
250,000€ - Cryptocurrency exchange license 100,000€ - Crypto wallet and custodian services license.
24,250€ (Advisory Services) - 194,000€ (Exchange Services)
Share capital payment
25% to start (31,250€), 75% within a year.
Renewal fee
50% of Government fee
Supervision fee
20,000€ - 50,000€
Both monthly and yearly audits are necessary
VARA may mandate its need
Not required
Must have
Must have
AML (Anti-Money Laundry Officer)
Can be any nationality
AML monthly salary
Starting price point: €1,200
Starting price point: €5,000
Starting price point: €1,200
Local director
Open to all nationalities, but living in Estonia is required.
Any nationality
Any nationality

If you're keen to delve deeper into the intricacies of 'regulation crypto', our comprehensive guide offers a wealth of insights. Dive into the details and enhance your understanding here.

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Pioneering the EU Crypto Regulatory Landscape: Consulting24

Over 500 Licenses Secured: Consulting24 Leads in Crypto Regulation

Consulting24 Strongest in Estonia Award 2023. Explore EU crypto regulation
Consulting24 Strongest in Estonia Award 2020.  Explore EU crypto regulation

Our Team

Consulting24 CEO, Mardo Soo, leading our team to success in the field of EU crypto regulation
Mardo Soo - CEO
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CEO of Consulting24, Mardo personifies the epitome of a professional crypto consultant. His role transcends the typical scope of client acquisition, instead emphasizing on the establishment and nurturing of sustainable business relationships. His adeptness in navigating the intricacies of the cryptocurrency landscape underlines his extraordinary leadership skills and sets him apart in the industry.

Lena Elvbakken - Founder
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As an influential force within Consulting24, Lena has established a unique position in the sphere of EU crypto regulation consulting. Skillfully leading innovators, she assists them through the complex roadmap of initiating exchanges and token launches in crypto-accepting territories such as Estonia, Lithuania, and Dubai. Her remarkable role in untangling the complex process of establishing a cryptocurrency exchange highlights Consulting24's integral role in driving the international growth of cryptocurrency under the EU regulatory environment.

Consulting24 founder, Lena Elvbakken, leading our team to success in the field of EU crypto regulation
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