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Scenic landscape of Cyprus in the background, symbolizing the thriving environment for blockchain and crypto companies under the Cyprus crypto license framework.


Interested in obtaining a Crypto License in Cyprus? Take advantage of Cyprus's clear regulatory framework and favorable business environment. Consulting24 is ready to guide you through the licensing process, making it streamlined and hassle-free.



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Companies in Cyprus looking to operate in the cryptocurrency sector are required to secure a license from CySEC. Navigating the process for a Cyprus crypto license can be complex, yet it offers numerous advantages for licensed entities.

Cyprus is recognized for its transparent regulatory framework tailored for crypto companies, with well-defined guidelines established by CySec. The country's regulatory authority is experienced in overseeing blockchain companies in Cyprus. The vibrant local ecosystem, encompassing crypto communities, traders, and financiers, supports and fosters growth in this sector. Additionally, Cyprus stands out for offering banking solutions to licensed crypto entities and its favorable tax regime, making it an attractive destination for crypto and blockchain businesses.

Illustration of the Cyprus flag alongside a symbol of a crypto license in Cyprus, indicati

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Crypto Asset Service Providers (CASPs) in Cyprus refer to businesses that offer services related to digital assets, such as cryptocurrency exchanges, wallet providers, and ICO platforms. Under Cyprus regulations, CASPs are required to comply with specific regulatory standards set by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). This includes obtaining a Cyprus crypto license, ensuring AML (Anti-Money Laundering) compliance, and adhering to operational and financial guidelines. The establishment of CASPs in Cyprus reflects the country's commitment to fostering a secure and regulated environment for crypto activities, balancing innovation in the digital asset sector with investor protection.


The key requirements for blockchain companies in Cyprus are following:

  1. Registration as Financial Services Providers: Firms must be registered to offer financial services in Cyprus.

  2. Physical Office Presence: A tangible office location within Cyprus is mandatory.

  3. Local Bank Account: Companies must have a bank account set up in Cyprus.

  4. Experienced Team: A knowledgeable and skilled team is essential for operations.

  5. Compliance with EU Directives: Adherence to relevant European Union directives is required.

  6. Customer Records and Data Security: Firms must maintain comprehensive customer records and implement robust data security systems.

License timeline crypto companies in Cyprus:

The process to obtain a crypto license in Cyprus typically varies, depending on the complexity of the business model and the efficiency of the application process. Generally, it can take 6 to 8 months, or more to complete all regulatory requirements and receive approval from the relevant authorities. 

Staff Requirements for Cyprus Crypto License

The company should be incorporated in Cyprus and must appoint a minimum of four directors, with at least two serving as executive directors. These directors must be sanctioned by CySEC as qualified professionals in their respective fields.

  • Local Presence: Firms are required to have a physical office in Cyprus.

  • Management Team: A knowledgeable and experienced management team must be in place, with at least one or more executives who are residents in Cyprus.

  • Compliance Officer: Companies need to appoint a compliance officer who is responsible for ensuring adherence to regulatory and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) requirements.

  • Customer Support and Technical Staff: Adequate staffing for customer support and technical operations is necessary to maintain service quality and operational efficiency.

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Scenic landscape of Cyprus in the background, symbolizing the thriving environment for blockchain and crypto companies under the Cyprus crypto license framework.


The complete procedure to obtain a Cyprus crypto license, encompassing everything from company registration to achieving operational readiness and setting up a bank account, usually spans about 6-8 months.

Step 1 - Company Establishment

  1. Company registration

  2. Passport copies of all shareholders and directors

  3. Address of residence confirmation (utility bill) from all directors and shareholders

  4. Power of attorney

  5. A business model of the company (detailed description)

Illustration of the Cyprus flag alongside a symbol of a crypto license in Cyprus, indicati

Step 2 - Office setup in Cypros

Establishing a physical office in Cyprus is a mandatory requirement by the regulatory authorities. This step involves finding a suitable location for your office, setting it up to meet your business needs, and ensuring it serves as a legitimate base of operations. The physical office is a key aspect of demonstrating your commitment and presence in the Cyprus market.

Step 3 - Bank account opening

  1. Evaluating suitable banks or Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs) to determine their risk appetite in relation to the client's risk profile, taking into account established Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies.

  2. Collecting crucial documents, including evidence of funds flow, wealth origin, goals for opening an account, key partners, the company's website, and a utility bill for identity verification.

Step 4 - Hire local staff

Crypto companies in Cyprus need to hire local executives for regulatory compliance and a Compliance Officer for AML adherence. Additionally, recruiting competent customer support and technical staff is vital for operational excellence. These roles are essential for maintaining regulatory standards and efficient business operations.

Step 5 - Pay Application Fee and Submit Documents to CySEC

  1. Application Form Completion: Fill out the application form for a Cyprus crypto license. Ensure all details are accurate and all parties listed are current.

  2. Payment of Application Fee: The initial application fee for a Crypto Asset Services Provider (CASP) license is €10,000. This fee should be paid to the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) at the time of application submission.

  3. Document Submission: Use the official forms and questionnaires provided on the CySEC website to ensure accurate processing. Submit these along with the application form and any other required documentation.



I had an honor to work with Lena for last few years and I would highly recomend her to all who would need her services. It’s been a pleasure and very easy work and communication. Good kind & reliable person. True professional who provides professional services and timely response to all inquiries. Follows up with all updates and makes sure u are in the best standing u can be with your business by making sure that u are educated of what’s new and compliant.

- Ingrida Laukiene, Founder of DiamondBack Group


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Scenic landscape of Cyprus in the background, symbolizing the thriving environment for blockchain and crypto companies under the Cyprus crypto license framework.
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