1. Company registration and notary

  2. 12 000€ share capital registration

  3. Virtual currency service license

  4. Authorized contact person

  5. State and notary fees  included

  6. AML documentation

  7. Banking account opening

  8. Sell Bitcoin with debit & credit card for 179 countries 

20 000 €

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Looking for readymade crypto company?


Readymade companies with licenses are not allowed to sell by the FIU. So if you buy one then this will be a waste of time and money because once you wanna do the license transfer then FIU will see that and the license more likely will be canceled. 





Estonia enjoys a reputation for being the most advanced nation in terms of technology when it comes to government. Some renowned magazines, like Wired, have also recognized the country as “the most advanced digital society in the world.”

During recent times, the country’s legislative body, department of justice, education, healthcare, banking and those for voting and even taxes and policing, were digitized into a single platform under the e-Estonia project.

Furthermore, the country is the first to introduce the e-Residency concept to the world. E-residency allows non-Estonian citizens to apply for citizenship with the Estonian government. It allows for them to be issued a digital identity card backed by the country’s government. Estonia company registration is made easy by e-residency card. 

During the last decade, Estonia has transformed into a technology hub, wherein dozens of successful startups have flourished.

One of the main reasons for this is the simple and reasonable tax environment. Tech entrepreneurs are charged zero tax on retained profits whereas a 20% tax is charged on the distributed ones. There is an ease of compliance as almost every filing can be done electronically using the e-residency card.

When it comes to Blockchain, Estonia has the most affordable and simple licensing process for setting up your cryptocurrency exchange and be a cryptocurrency wallet service provider. Even while you are reading this piece, more than around 2000 licenses would already have been issued.

New company registration and Estonia crypto license will cost 20 000EUR.

Yes, no additional capitalization requirements!

Also, due to low set-up costs and access to a broad range of payment options, Estonian companies are often the first choice for e-commerce and internet entrepreneurs. Other popular jurisdictions like Malta and Switzerland you are looking 100 000 - 200 000€ total setup fees. 

1. Crypto is regulated - companies can acquire virtual wallet and exchange services license;

2. Licenses don't require a deposit;

3. No VAT added on trading;

4. Licenses allow trade all utility tokens, issue your own coin, operate wallets, exchanges​;



5. Licenses allow to onboard clients globally.

6. Licenses total cost 17,000 €, including internal AML procedures and risk appetite documents. 

7. The license application processing time is  60 days.

8. 0% corporate tax - Estonia has selected as  number one ecosystem for startups

9. E-residency - Government powered tool to access government services and business registry 24/7, manage your business online. ​​​



Corporate income tax  -

(none distribute profit) 

                                                               Dividends  -

                                                                          VAT  -

                        Private person income tax  -

                   ​​Social security tax  -

                         Unemployment tax  -

    NB! Crypto is not subject of VAT









November 24, 2019 Dubai 

Estonia E-residency 5th Anniversary

October 14-15, 2019 Estonia 

CryptoFin Tallinn

June 9-13, 2019 Italy

Blockchain Cruiz



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Estonia has a Virtual Currency Service Provider License.


1. Virtual wallet service:

It allows providing virtual currency (hot and cold) wallet service in the framework of which the company generates keys for Clients or keeps Clients’ encrypted keys, which can be used for the purpose of keeping, storing and transferring virtual currencies.


2. Exchanging virtual currency against fiat currency:

License allow fiat to crypto, crypto to fiat transactions.


3. Exchanging virtual currency against the virtual currency:

License allow fiat to crypto to crypto transactions


The main acts that regulate the activity can be found here.


The company is qualified as a Financial Institution but has no special reporting requirements to tax authorities. The accounting must be done like for any other company. No special reporting to the regulator is needed, but FIU can always make precepts and inquiries about the company’s activities. You may find Financial Intelligence Unit’s advisory guidelines here.


Required documents:


  1. Certificate of the register of convictions (a.k.a. criminal record) for all related persons (shareholders, board members, ultimate beneficiary owners and responsible person). A criminal record has to be original, apostilled and submitted to Estonia to our office;

  2. Passport copies of all above-mentioned persons;

  3. Local director/AML officer;

  4. Proof of the impeccable reputation of the AML Compliance Officer;

  5. Office in Tallinn;

  6. A bank account/PSP account in an EEA country  which is providing cross-border services in Estonia or which provider has established a branch in Estonia;


In some cases officials have the right to ask for additional information:


  1. CV-s of related persons

  2. Description of planned activities




E-Residency, powered by the Republic of Estonia, is a concept of a digital nation for global citizens with a host of attendant benefits. A Government of Estonia issued digital ID is made available to anyone in the world. It gives the recipients of the ID the freedom to start and manage a global business in a trusted EU environment.


The entire registration process of the business can be made online, and documents and contracts can be signed digitally. Business banking and online payment providers can be accessed to accept payments from clients worldwide.  


We will help you to become e-resident. 


For crypto banking, we have several solutions. Mostly we have opened crypto-friendly EMI accounts but can open a bank account as well. We can open EUR SEPA account or sell Bitcoin with credit card in over 179 countries.




Company registration

€ 2 500

Authorized contact person 

€ 500

Virtual currency service provider license

€ 15 500

Open bank account and rise share capital to 12k

€ 1 500 

Total: 20 000€



Local director recruitment 

€ 4 000

AML officer recruitment 

€ 4 000




1. Company registration (private limited company, LTD, in Estonian - OÜ) with a paid share capital of minimum 12 000;

At this stage, Is needed name, address, e-mail address, phone number, passport copy.

The registration process takes up to 48h.

2. Apply for license:

The virtual currency service provider license covers:

1. Virtual wallet service. 

It allows providing hot and cold virtual currency wallet service, generating or storing users keys for the purpose of keeping, storing and transferring virtual currencies;


2. Exchanging virtual currency against fiat currency. Licenses allow fiat to crypto, crypto to fiat transactions;

3. Exchanging virtual currency against the virtual currency. Licenses allow crypto to crypto transactions.

At this stage I would need police clearance certificate ( according to the passport), in English, notarized and verified by apostille;

Project ´s website address (if any), your CV, country of birth.

3. Company shares transfer via Power of Attorney.




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