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 Mardo Soo, CEO of Consulting24, top Cryptocurrency Consultants In Estonia
CEO - Mardo Soo 
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Top Cryptocurrency Consultants In Estonia

Consulting24 cryptocurrency consultants bear an unmatchable blend of technical and financial expertise. We help with company and cryptocurrency license registration in Estonia and Lithuania. In total we have registered over 500 licenses. 


Based in Estonia, Consulting24 has a rich Cryptocurrency consultancy history and acts as the main link between the industry and new entrants. 

Why We Need Cryptocurrency Consultants

Cryptocurrency is a technological system that enables valid financial transactions for a non- centralized space. To earn more investment in this market, it is the sole duty of the traders to make sure that they can convince the investors to come on board their business.

Consulting24 combines its technical expertise with governmental support and enables the business environment to maximize the growth of the cryptocurrency business in the Estonia  and Lithuania market.

Our Clients 

Trust the experience

In crypto since 2017

Over 500 license total registered;

Over 50 face-to-face meetings with regulators;

What Does Consulting24 Cryptocurrency Consultants Offer?

Consulting24 is a leading global consulting firm that offers a wide range of services tailored to help businesses achieve operational excellence and sustainable growth. With a robust team of seasoned consultants, we bring together deep industry knowledge, functional expertise, and technology to provide innovative solutions that drive results.

Image of Tallinn, top Cryptocurrency Consultants In Estonia
  • Legal research;

  • Draft documents;

  • Application for the crypto license in Estonia or Lithuania;

  • Recruitment;

  • Banking account opening;

  • Connecting with projects founders;

  • Business strategy consulting;

  • IT Consulting: Providing technology  solutions and reccommendations to help businesses improve efficiency and security;

  • Launching your own token and connecting with launchpads;

Why Estonia?


Home to 50+ cryptocurrency companies, Estonia serves as the perfect breeding ground for Cryptocurrency Consultants in Estonia due to being one of the most crypto friendly ecosystem  within the European Union. It is the most advanced nation technologically while also offering a stable and reliable tax environment for entrepreneurs.

Consulting24 strategically located within the Estonian market, taps significantly in the country's potential of harboring new cryptocurrency entrants to nurture and guide them to a competitive stature.

Keen to help, the company focuses on complex aspects such as taxation and legal.


  • Taxation


With an experienced team of crypto company consultants and tax experts, Consulting24 offers tax consultancy in various dimensions such as;


  1. The corporate tax which is charged at 0%

  2. Social security tax charged at 33%

  3. Personal income tax is charged at 20%

  4. Value-added tax is charged at 20% on other products and services. Crypto is not viable.

  5. Dividends charged at 20%


The tax legislations keep changing from time to time while adjusting with the country’s fiscal and monetary policies regarding certain aspects for which the country aims to tap into. 

Embark on your journey towards acquiring a crypto exchange license in Dubai with the help of Consulting24. Our experienced team provides comprehensive guidance and support to navigate the complexities of the licensing process. Visit Consulting24  to learn how we can assist you in securing your crypto exchange license in Dubai. Trust in Consulting24 for an efficient and hassle-free licensing journey.

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Image of Tallinn, top Cryptocurrency Consultants In Estonia
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