Breeding The Cryptocurrency Consultants In Estonia

Cryptocurrency consultants bear an unmatchable blend of technical and financial expertise.They have a proven success record in various industries, and their skills are essential to crafting new paths to the ever-shaping Cryptocurrency landscape.


Cryptocurrency consultants in Estonia bear the burden of guiding and helping navigate the barriers of the traditional financial burdens, thereby assisting clients in attaining maximum client satisfaction.


Based in Estonia, Consulting24 has a rich Cryptocurrency consultancy history and acts as the main link between the industry and new entrants. It plays a vital role in the Estonian Cryptocurrency industry, thereby earning a firm grip on the latest happenings.

Why We Need Cryptocurrency Consultants


Cryptocurrency is a technological system that enables valid financial transactions for a non- centralized space. To earn more investment in this market, it is the sole duty of the traders to make sure that they can convince the investors to come on board their business.

Consulting24 combines its technical expertise with governmental support and enables the business environment to maximize the growth of the cryptocurrency business in the Estonia market.

To maximize revenues and tighten up operations in such economic environments, businesses must be able to explore for experience and support from the veteran market participants.

Crypto-Consultants Value

  • Organizational value

Operating within the Estonian market, Consulting24 helps Cryptocurrency companies in the development and management of growth strategies. Having dealt with multiple Cryptocurrency firms, they channel their experience and commitment into a single firm.

It allows the firm to quickly maneuver the market because they can access the market from a diverse pot of opinions from different experts.

Despite that, the company can measure progress and match the outcome to expectations based on the laid down strategies.

  • Temporary expertise

Consultants are a greater alternative to permanent employees. Depending on the nature of contractual agreements set, Consulting24 centers on the steering and releasing the company upon stability. It typically focuses on ensuring that their clients can independently maneuver the industry.


Temporary expertise saves the company the need for payment of benefits to staff, the need to invest in massive technologies, human resources, independent advice, and even a different opinion from various experts.

  • Problem identification


Sometimes, the staff may be too close to the company's problems, thereby giving it a blind eye.Consultants are trained experts and can be able to detect the small-small problems unidentified and which sits and chews within the company every day.

  • Supplement the employees.


Despite serving as the best alternative to many staff, Consultants make sure that they can bring in what the team might not be having. It gives a better economic advantage to have in consultants for a limited time, which helps transfer the knowledge to the staff. Therefore, it builds on staff capacity.


  • Objectivity


Consultants have always acted as agents of change. In their analysis and advisories, they have always been objective in problem identification while giving the company a new perspective on specific problems. They also help implement that which the organization deems fit and can not be implemented from within.


  • Organizational Overhaul


Having dealt with several other like organizations, Consultants are the right fit to help bring a difference. Companies might be struggling due to heavy staff wage burden and may not want to cut them off. However, Consultants can be hired to implement such stuff, commonly referred to as the "dirty work." They also help to restructure departments based on specific assessments and qualifications.

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What Does Consulting24 Cryptocurrency Consultants Offer?

Based on the company level, Consulting24 tailors it's a consultation to suit certain needs aimed at addressing the present and future company needs ranging from the most basic to the most complex such as ICO’s.

Consulting24 empowers its clients by giving out an impactful knowledge.It offers consultations on;

  • Cryptocurrencies and its basics

  • Selection of the right cryptocurrency investment portfolios

  • Digital currency storage

  • The most convenient and secure crypto-exchange platforms

  • Transactions tracking

  • Advantaging on the current news

  • Investment trend analysis so to ensure the client's coin is valuable soon

  • Real-time customization of investment portfolios

  • Ledger/Trezor setup and usage

  • Assets recovery plans and backups

  • Legal and tax education

Why Estonia

Home to 500+ cryptocurrency companies, Estonia serves as the perfect breeding ground for Cryptocurrencies within the European Union. It is the most advanced nation technologically while also offering a stable and reliable tax environment for entrepreneurs.

Operating under the e-Estonia project, the country has centralized its key government functions within a common digital platform that seeks to offer citizens education, healthcare, justice, and banking services closer to the people at minimal conveniences.

Consulting24 strategically located within the Estonian market, taps significantly in the country's potential of harboring new cryptocurrency entrants to nurture and guide them to a competitive stature.

Keen to help, the company focuses on complex aspects such as taxation and legal.


  • Taxation


With an experienced team of crypto company consultants and tax experts, Consulting24 offers tax consultancy in various dimensions such as;


  1. The corporate tax which is charged at 0%

  2. Social security tax charged at 33%

  3. Personal income tax charged at 20%

  4. Value-added tax is charged at 20% on other products and services. Crypto is not viable.

  5. Dividends charged at 21%


The tax legislations keep changing from time to time while adjusting with the country’s fiscal and monetary policies regarding certain aspects for which the country aims to tap into.

  • Legal


While observing all other factors, legal matters cannot be ignored since they form the basis of company operations. Consulting24 takes care of legal issues on behalf of clients who require legal consultancy on matters such as;

  1. Company registration

  2. Crypto license acquisition

  3. Directors and employee registration and permit acquisition

  4. E-residency applications

  5. Bank account opening


Despite being a perfect breeding ground for Cryptocurrency companies, Cryptocurrency consultants in Estonia’s digital space may be home to other unregulated consultants and digitally unsecure platforms. Clients need to conduct proper research to ensure that they are dealing with;

  1. Secure platforms

  2. Registered and regulated consultants

  3. Reliable platform and consultants

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