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Secure crypto business setup with Our Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Consulting.


Our Clients 

VASP license Estonia
  1. Company registration;

  2. VASP license application;

  3. State and notary fees included;

  4. AML/CTF documentation;

  5. Banking account opening;

25 000 €


  1. AML offices;

  2. Directors; 

  3. Auditors;

  4. Other staff;

VASP authorization Lithuania
  1. Company registration;

  2. VASP registration acquisition within FNTT;

  3. State and notary fees included;

  4. AML/CTF documentation;

  5. Share capital deposit account opening;

20 000 €

Lithuania Vs Estonia

Crypto License UAE

We at Consulting24 are committed to offering top-notch guidance for securing a Crypto License UAE. With our well-crafted consulting services and expert advice, we aim to ease your journey through the licensing process. Learn more about how we can assist you by visiting our dedicated page at Consulting24. Trust us to make your cryptocurrency licensing journey in the UAE straightforward and successful.

Trust the experience

Since 2017 in crypto;
Over 500 license total registered;
Over 50 face-to-face meetings with regulators;

About Us

With a unified vision and a profound comprehension of the revolutionary potential of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, we established Consulting24. As dedicated cryptocurrency consultants, we are committed to demystifying the complex realm of digital assets.

Our primary objective as cryptocurrency consultants is to streamline the intricate world of virtual assets. We provide businesses with a straightforward and uncomplicated roadmap to integrate this technology into their operational framework, whether it's for incorporating digital currencies, issuing tokens, or launching NFTs.

Mardo Soo, CEO of Consulting24, leading cryptocurrency consultants
CEO - Mardo Soo 
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