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Why Choose Singapore for Your Crypto Exchange License?

Singapore's crypto-friendly laws boost trust and global credibility for exchanges.

Image of Singapore skyline, indicating the strategic advantage of choosing Singapore for obtaining a Crypto Exchange License.



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Navigating the Crypto Exchange License Singapore Process

License Type
Standard License
Major License
Authorized capital
100 000 Singapore Dollars
250 000 Singapore Dollars
Insurance deposit
200 000 Singapore Dollars
$3 million (or its equivalent in a foreign currency), for any one of those payment services; or $6 million (or its equivalent in a foreign currency), for 2 or more of those payment services;
Government fee
1000 SGD / yearly
1500 SGD / yearly

To operate legally in Singapore, cryptocurrency exchanges, especially those dealing in tokens recognized as securities, must obtain a crypto license. The prerequisites include:

  • Business Incorporation: Establish a business entity within Singapore.

  • Physical Office: Set up a physical office in the country.

  • Resident Director: Appoint at least one director residing in Singapore.

  • Risk Management: Implement a crypto-specific risk management framework.

  • Token Listing Policies: Enforce stringent policies for token listings.

  • Regulatory Notifications: Inform authorities of any operational changes.

  • Legal Compliance: Adhere to anti-money laundering laws, data protection norms, and other related legal requirements.

Organizational Structure:

  • Chairperson: Mandatory position for overseeing operations.

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO): Required for day-to-day management.

  • Board Members: Essential for strategic decision-making.

Board Committees:

  • Audit Committee: For financial oversight.

  • Nominating Committee: To oversee appointments.

  • Conflict Resolution Committee: For resolving internal disputes.

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Singapore DPT (Digital Payment Token) License

The DPT License, issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, allows entities to provide services of digital payment tokens and explore more. It's crucial for crypto exchanges planning to offer trading services of such tokens in Singapore. Acquiring a DPT License signifies compliance with regulatory standards, ensuring a secure, transparent trading environment. This license is a step towards fostering trust among users and stakeholders, aligning the crypto exchange's operations with the legal framework, thus bolstering its reputation and operational standing in the highly competitive cryptocurrency market landscape.

MAS is introducing stringent measures for Digital Payment Token (DPT) services:


🚫 No trade incentives

❌ No financing/leverage

💳 No credit card payments

💰 Limit crypto in net worth

Read the full announcement by MAS here

Image of Monetary Authority of Singapore,, indicating the strategic advantage of choosing Singapore for obtaining a Crypto Exchange License.

Transitioning to a Licensed Crypto Exchange Singapore

Transitioning from an unlicensed to a licensed crypto exchange in Singapore involves several steps including applying for the requisite licenses like the DPT License, ensuring compliance with local laws, and possibly restructuring operations to meet regulatory standards. This transition can significantly enhance the credibility, security, and overall operational efficiency of your exchange. A licensed status not only provides a legal footing in the Singapore crypto market but also attracts more users due to the enhanced trust and security associated with regulatory compliance.


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Ensuring Compliance with Cryptocurrency License Singapore Regulations

Adhering to the regulations for a Cryptocurrency License in Singapore is pivotal. It involves regular audits, timely reporting, and maintaining updated records as per the Monetary Authority of Singapore's guidelines. Fostering a culture of compliance within the organization, training staff on regulatory requirements, and engaging compliance officers can ensure smooth operations. Moreover, staying updated with any regulatory changes and ensuring that the crypto exchange's policies evolve with these changes is crucial for maintaining the license and ensuring long-term success in Singapore's crypto market.


The main laws that regulate the crypto exchange license in Singapore are the Securities and Futures Act (SAF) of 2001 and the Payment Services Act of 2019.

Image of Singapore skyline, indicating the strategic advantage of choosing Singapore for obtaining a Crypto Exchange License.
View of Warsaw, the capital city of Poland, illustrating the urban landscape and modern architecture, symbolizing the progressive environment for crypto businesses in relation to obtaining a Crypto License in Poland.
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