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Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Defined.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is a U.S. government agency that regulates the nation's securities industry, which includes the stock exchanges, brokers, investment advisors, and mutual funds. Established by Congress in 1934 in response to the Great Depression and stock market crash of 1929, its primary goal is to protect investors, maintain fair, orderly, and efficient markets, and facilitate capital formation.

The SEC works by enforcing transparency, ensuring public companies disclose accurate financial information, and making it accessible to the public. These measures allow investors to make informed decisions based on the financial health of companies. It also monitors potential fraud and insider trading to maintain the integrity of the markets.

The SEC is headed by five commissioners appointed by the President of the United States, with one serving as the chairman. The commission is divided into five divisions - Corporation Finance, Trading and Markets, Investment Management, Enforcement, and Economic and Risk Analysis - each responsible for different aspects of securities regulation.

In short, the SEC plays an essential role in preserving investor trust, fostering open markets, and promoting economic growth by regulating the securities industry.

SEC crypto regulation.

The Impact of SEC Crypto Regulations on Digital Assets

Cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide, including heavyweights like Coinbase and Binance, are feeling the heat from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The agency's recent lawsuits against these platforms signal its intent to intensify scrutiny on the burgeoning crypto market.

The SEC has made it clear that any platform wishing to onboard U.S. clients must have a crypto license, a process that can cost upwards of a million dollars, not to mention the associated legal complexities. This move is a part of the SEC's initiative to enhance investor protection and market integrity within the crypto space.

However, if a platform's target clients are outside the U.S., it might be advantageous to consider jurisdictions like Estonia, Dubai, or Lithuania. These nations offer regulatory structures that are more crypto-friendly, making it easier to launch regulated exchanges, conduct initial coin offerings (ICOs), open banking and payment processing facilities, operate over-the-counter (OTC) services, launch non-fungible token (NFT) platforms, or issue branded debit cards for crypto transactions.

Sec crypto regulation and image of New York

Navigating SEC Crypto Regulations: Weighing EU and Dubai as Choices

Venturing into the labyrinthine realm of cryptocurrency regulations demands a comprehensive understanding and comparison of different jurisdictions like the EU and Dubai. Such knowledge enables a thorough appraisal of the unique benefits and hurdles each region presents, thereby aligning with your business goals.

In the EU, Estonia and Lithuania have emerged as frontrunners in adopting crypto regulations. Estonia, boasting a 0% corporate tax rate, tempts many emerging crypto ventures. Simultaneously, Lithuania, with its simplified licensing process and access to the wider European market, offers its unique advantages.

Conversely, Dubai delivers its unique array of benefits. Noted for its strategic location and business-friendly atmosphere, Dubai issues crypto licenses through its free zone authority and doesn't levy taxes on crypto investments or trading. This creates an attractive hub for global crypto initiatives.

Looking at the broader picture, the SEC's increased focus on crypto regulation impacts the global industry, even influencing jurisdictions outside the U.S. A firm understanding of SEC regulations can help you anticipate possible shifts in international rules and create a strategic plan accordingly.

In this rapidly evolving landscape, Estonia, Dubai, and Lithuania offer effective alternative solutions, each with their distinct blend of regulatory advantages and entrepreneurial opportunities in the crypto sphere.

Total Price
License type and government fee
10,000€ 1. Cryptocurrency exchange license 2. Crypto wallet and custodian services license
1. 9,700€ - Advisory Services & VA Transfer and Settlement Services
1. Cryptocurrency exchange license 2. Crypto wallet and custodian services license
2. 24,250€ - Broker-Dealer, Custody, Exchange, Lending and Borrowing & VA Management and Investment Services
No additional fee
Required share capital
250,000€ - Cryptocurrency exchange license 100,000€ - Crypto wallet and custodian services license.
24,250€ (Advisory Services) - 194,000€ (Exchange Services)
Share capital payment
25% to start (31,250€), 75% within a year.
Renewal fee
50% of Government fee
Supervision fee
20,000€ - 50,000€
Both monthly and yearly audits are necessary
VARA may mandate its need
Not required
Must have
Must have
AML (Anti-Money Laundry Officer)
Can be any nationality
AML monthly salary
Starting price point: €1,200
Starting price point: €5,000
Starting price point: €1,200
Local director
Open to all nationalities, but living in Estonia is required.
Any nationality
Any nationality

If you're keen to understand the intricate landscape of the "Regulation on cryptocurrency," delve deeper here. It's a comprehensive guide to navigating the crypto regulatory world.


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Mardo Soo, Consulting24's CEO, guiding our team to excellence in the realm of SEC crypto regulation.
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Consulting24 founder, Lena Elvbakken, guiding our team to excellence in the realm of SEC crypto regulation.

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