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Crypto License in Singapore by Consulting24

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Singapore's stature as a thriving financial hub in Southeast Asia is an epitome of its well-structured regulatory framework, fostering a conducive environment for fintech and cryptocurrency enterprises. A crucial step towards establishing a crypto venture in this reputable jurisdiction is procuring a Crypto License in Singapore. Consulting24 emerges as a stalwart companion in this endeavor, simplifying the bureaucratic intricacies en route to securing a license.

Crypto License in Singapore by Consulting24
Crypto License in Singapore by Consulting24

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) under the aegis of the Payment Services Act 2019, delineates the regulatory landscape for cryptocurrency entities. This legislation necessitates the procurement of a Crypto License for exchanges and wallet providers, thereby instilling a level of standardization and compliance in the crypto domain.

Singapore offers two primary types of Crypto Licenses - Standard License and Major License, each with its distinct set of requirements and benefits:

1. Standard License:

  • Authorized Capital: 100,000 Singapore Dollars

  • Insurance Deposit: Not required

  • Transaction Limits: $3 million (or its equivalent in a foreign currency) for any one payment service, or $6 million (or its equivalent in a foreign currency) for two or more payment services.

  • Government Fee: 1000 SGD annually

2. Major License:

  • Authorized Capital: 250,000 Singapore Dollars

  • Insurance Deposit: 200,000 Singapore Dollars

  • Transaction Limits: None

  • Government Fee: 1500 SGD annually

Procuring a Crypto License in Singapore endows a venture with a badge of credibility and regulatory compliance, crucial for instilling trust among investors, partners, and customers. Moreover, the clear regulatory guidelines from MAS provide a well-defined path for crypto companies to operate within the legal framework.

However, the road to licensure can be arduous without adept guidance. This is where Consulting24 shines, offering a tailored approach to assist crypto ventures in navigating through the legal and regulatory maze towards securing a Crypto License in Singapore. With a proficient team well-versed in Singapore's financial laws and a comprehensive understanding of the crypto regulatory landscape, Consulting24 alleviates the hurdles in the licensure process related with communication with MAS.

Consulting24 assists in meeting the vital prerequisites for licensure, such as having a resident director in Singapore, establishing a robust risk management system tailored for crypto activities, and formulating transparent and fair rules for token listings on the platform. Moreover, adherence to anti-money laundering laws, privacy regulations, and other relevant legal requisites is ensured, providing a holistic approach towards licensure.

The journey doesn’t end at obtaining the license. Consulting24 envisages a long-term partnership with clients, offering continual guidance to ensure adherence to the evolving regulatory norms. This proactive approach ensures that crypto ventures remain compliant with the legal framework, adapting to the dynamic financial and regulatory landscape of Singapore.

In summation, securing a Crypto License in Singapore is a prudent step for crypto ventures aspiring for a reputable and stable operational base. The judicious blend of structured regulations and financial incentives makes Singapore a lucrative choice for crypto enterprises. With Consulting24 at the helm, the pathway to obtaining a Crypto License in Singapore, Crypto License in Lithuania or a Crypto Licence in Dubai is devoid of hassles, propelling your crypto venture into a realm of regulatory adherence and market credibility.


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