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Amopay Secures Crypto License in Lithuania

UAB "Amopay", a distinguished client of Consulting24, has marked a significant stride in the fintech sector by securing a crypto license in Lithuania. This achievement enables them to operate as a virtual currency exchange and manage wallet services, enhancing their offerings in the digital currency landscape. Their commitment to adhering to regulatory standards is evident in this move, which bolsters the security and reliability of their fintech services.

Amopay Crypto license in Lithuania: Public Registry Extract
Amopay Crypto license in Lithuania: Public Registry Extract

Amopay is revolutionizing digital assets by integrating traditional and digital currencies, allowing effortless exchanges between over 50 fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. Their global reach extends to over 170 countries, supporting numerous fiat payment channels. With plans to integrate NFTs and launch a crypto card, Amopay is poised to enhance user experiences further and cement its position as a leader in the digital economy.

Amopay Crypto license in Lithuania
Amopay global payments

This license is a cornerstone in Amopay's journey, facilitated by Consulting24's expertise in navigating complex regulatory frameworks. It's not only a testament to Amopay's dedication to excellence in the cryptocurrency field but also highlights Consulting24's role in guiding firms towards strategic crypto objectives.

If you are looking for a crypto license in Lithuania, visit Consulting24 at or contact for expert guidance and assistance.


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