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Mastering Crypto Regulation with Consulting24: Your Guide to Estonia, Lithuania, and Dubai.

Updated: Jan 1

Navigating the crypto regulation landscape is a key task for any entrepreneur interested in the ever-changing digital asset sector. The intricacies involved in acquiring a crypto license can be daunting and time-intensive, making regulatory compliance a top priority for crypto enterprises. Consulting24 has set itself apart as a specialist in this area, successfully aiding businesses in obtaining over 500 licenses in Estonia, Lithuania, and Dubai.

Mastering Crypto Regulation
Mastering Crypto Regulation

With a deep-rooted understanding of crypto regulation procedures in various jurisdictions, Consulting24 provides tailored solutions designed to match each client's specific needs and goals.

These jurisdictions — Estonia, Lithuania, and Dubai — offer unique advantages for cryptocurrency businesses, underlining the critical role of proper crypto regulation:

Crypto regulation comparison. Estonia vs. Lithuania vs. Dubai
  • Estonia: Known for its progressive tech ecosystem and favorable crypto regulation, Estonia is an ideal environment for crypto ventures. The 0% corporate tax rate makes it a lucrative destination for businesses setting up their crypto operations. Estonia provides a single type of crypto license: Virtual Asset Service Provider License This license allows businesses to provide diverse services such as crypto exchange platforms, wallet services, token creation, NFT trading platforms, staking services, and launching crypto debit cards.

  • Lithuania: Offering clear regulatory guidelines and a reasonable tax system, Lithuania is an excellent choice for businesses seeking operational transparency. Being part of the EU, it offers businesses access to the expansive European market. Lithuania grants two types of crypto licenses: Cryptocurrency Exchange License Crypto Wallet and Custodian Services License These licenses permit businesses to offer a variety of services, including crypto exchanges, wallet services, token creation, NFT trading platforms, staking services, and launching crypto debit cards.

  • Dubai: A leading business hub, Dubai provides a superb environment for businesses aiming to establish a robust presence in the Middle East and beyond. Its Free Zone Authority issues crypto licenses, leveraging its advanced tech infrastructure and business-friendly atmosphere. Dubai offers a variety of license types, serving various crypto services, including: Advisory services Transfer and settlement of digital currencies Broker-dealer activities Custody Exchange services Lending and borrowing Virtual asset management

Investment services It's worth noting that licenses obtained in Estonia and Lithuania not only simplify the process of opening bank accounts but are also projected to come under the MICA regulation by 2024. This means the licenses could potentially be ported to all EU countries, significantly widening your operational scope.

Choosing the right jurisdiction for your crypto license is a significant undertaking that requires an understanding of the regulatory environment, tax considerations, and business infrastructure of each potential location. However, Consulting24 aims to simplify this process by offering customized advice based on each client's unique needs and objectives.

Consulting24's expertise, coupled with these strategic benefits, makes it an exceptional choice for crypto entrepreneurs looking to establish and grow their businesses in the international digital currency market. Trust Consulting24 to guide you through the intricacies of crypto regulation.

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