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12 Biggest Bitcoin ETFs in Spot and Futures Markets

In the financial world, Bitcoin ETFs have become the modern alchemy, turning digital gold into a form that fits within the traditional investment portfolio. Among these, the 12 biggest Bitcoin ETFs stand as titans, embodying the hopes of investors to harness the cryptocurrency's potential through the established mechanisms of spot and futures markets. This article delves into the intricacies of these funds, particularly spotlighting the elusive spot Bitcoin ETF in the United States.

The table of the 12 largest Bitcoin ETFs in spot and futures markets, as presented below, stands as a testament to the vibrant interest in cryptocurrency investment vehicles.

12 Biggest Bitcoin ETFs
12 Biggest Bitcoin ETFs

Source Coingecko

The conversation around Bitcoin ETFs in the U.S. is dominated by a curious absence – that of a spot Bitcoin ETF. Unlike their futures counterparts, which have found their place within the U.S. market, spot Bitcoin ETFs face regulatory headwinds. The SEC, the gatekeeper of securities trading, has been particularly cautious, often citing concerns about market manipulation, liquidity, and the adequacy of custody arrangements as reasons for their hesitation.

Bitcoin ETF
Bitcoin ETF

Despite this, recent months have seen a surge in applications for spot Bitcoin ETFs from heavyweight financial entities. This wave of filings suggests a growing conviction that the regulatory environment may be warming to the idea. Firms like BlackRock, WisdomTree, and Invesco/Galaxy have filed applications, now under review, setting off a critical three-week comment period that may sway the SEC's stance on this issue.

The applications are significant not just for their number, but also for the names behind them. VanEck and Fidelity, both of which already manage futures ETFs, have re-entered the fray, seeking to add a spot ETF to their offerings. Meanwhile, Grayscale, with its Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) holding over 623,645 bitcoins, is challenging the SEC to justify the approval disparity between its application and those of futures ETFs.

The debate intensifies against the backdrop of the futures-based ETFs, which have not quite lived up to the market’s expectations. Since their inception in October 2021, these ETFs have struggled to match the performance of Bitcoin itself and lag behind in assets when compared to international counterparts in Canada and Brazil.

As the SEC reviews the recent batch of applications like Blackrock or Franklin Templeton, etc, have submitted their Bitcoin ETF application. The approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF in the U.S. would not only mark a significant regulatory milestone but also potentially herald a new era of cryptocurrency investment. The coming months could be pivotal, shaping the trajectory of digital asset integration into mainstream finance. Whether the existing futures ETFs will prove to be a catalyst for change, or a footnote in the evolution of cryptocurrency investment, remains to be seen.

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