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Cryptocurrency Companies and Crypto License in Estonia

VASP license Estonia
  1. Company registration;

  2. VASP license application;

  3. State and notary fees included;

  4. AML/CTF documentation;

  5. Banking account opening;

25 000 €

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Our Clients 

Why Estonia?
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Estonia has emerged as a global hub for cryptocurrency companies due to its forward-thinking regulatory environment and supportive infrastructure. The country's proactive approach towards digital innovation has attracted numerous cryptocurrency startups and businesses seeking a favorable ecosystem to operate in. In addition, Estonia offers a specialized license known as the Crypto License, which provides legal recognition and a regulated framework for cryptocurrency-related activities.

Requirements that companies have to fulfill to as per’s guidelines

There are numerous requirements that individuals or companies have to make when embarking on a journey to launch legal crypto operations in Estonia.

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  • Clients have to be e-residents. 
  • If you apply for company registration in Estonia with the help of, you will be required to subscribe to an accounting plan that will be renewed every month.
  • Your business or company will also be subject to a mandatory requirement for a business bank account, and you will also be required to apply for those licenses.
  • Understanding the terms of service is vital so that you will be on the same page with and its services.
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Crypto Exchange License in Estonia​

Virtual Currency - Virtual Currency Exchange - The license allows a business to process crypto-crypto transactions.

Virtual currency - fiat currency - The license also allows a business to process fiat-crypto or crypto-fiat transactions.

Virtual wallet service - The license finally allows the business to provide hot and cold digital currency wallet services, as well as the generation and storage of user keys.

The Crypto License, issued by Estonia's Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), is a specialized license for cryptocurrency-related services. It permits activities such as OTC trading, IEOs, selling Bitcoin via bank transfers and cards, trading with utility tokens, crypto-to-crypto and fiat transactions, running utility token exchanges, opening EUR bank accounts, and issuing branded debit cards. This license ensures regulatory compliance and promotes a secure environment for cryptocurrency businesses in Estonia.

Cryptocurrency license requirements


  • A minimum of 125 000€ share capital;

  • A company must have a local office;

  • Bank account;

  • Local director;

  • Local AML; 

  • Monthly auditor; 

Crypto license cost
  • 3500€ - For company registration, fees are involved along with appointing an authorized person for a yearly fee. Notary services fees are included;

  • 1500€ - banking introduction procedures and register the share capital amount to €125,000;

  • 5000€ - AML/CTF policies, procedures, and controls to prevent money laundering and illegal financing;

  • 15 000€-  To apply for the license, a fee of €5,000 is required, covering administrative costs. In addition, there is a separate government fee of €10,000 for the license application, which covers the government's review and checks. The application includes a business model description providing an overview of our operations, target market, revenue streams, and competitive advantage. It also encompasses AML documentation, demonstrating our policies and controls to prevent money laundering, as well as risk management documentation outlining our approach to identifying and managing risks.

Total: 25000€

Extra service:

  • 4000€ - Local director recruitment fee;

  • 3500€ - AML recruitment fee; ( you will need to hire AML and pay monthly salary which start from 2500€ monthly)

  • 600€ - office 

  • 3000€ - Auditor finder fee ( monthly & yearly audit required )

Visit our website to learn more about the licensing process and how we can assist you in establishing your Lithuania crypto license. Click here to explore our services.

About Consulting24

At Consulting24, our extensive track record speaks volumes. With 500 successful license completions and 50+ face-to-face meetings with regulators, we are recognized experts in the field. Our unparalleled experience guarantees the highest level of guidance and support for starting your business in Estonia. Count on us to navigate the complexities of license acquisition and regulatory compliance, setting you on the path to a successful venture.

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CEO - Mardo Soo 
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