Why Blockchain is the Best Business to Start in Estonia

As a home to more than 300 blockchain companies across the Estonian nation, Consulting24continues to expand its wing to capture, nurture and guide new Crypto-companies into theEstonia market.


Consulting24 focuses on guiding the expansion of the blockchain craze because it offers a moresignificant benefit to cost advantages by eliminating intermediaries while enhancingauthenticity and transparency hence the best business to start.

Benefits of Blockchain technology

Despite not covering much ground yet, blockchain technology is the best business to start and is what the business market is looking forward to. Consulting24 creates an enabling
environment to new entrants by making sure they set up platforms that enable;


  • Substantive reduction in costs of operations. Blockchain technology helps create a traceable path for all transactions, thereby eliminating the need for administrative record-keeping and the need for reconciliation of transactions.

  • Easy trace of products. Blockchain enables companies to trace products from their initial stages. For instance, food can be traced from the farm to the shelves by use of this technology.

  • Streamlined operations. Before any transaction is conducted via the blockchain platform, there must always be a double check to ensure it is secure and transparent. It enables participants to have a clear work track.


Despite being often overlooked within the EU market, Estonia continues to attract more
Blockchain entrepreneurs while opening new opportunities for various cyber investors.

As a way of improving the performance of crucial state organs, Estonia has succeeded in
optimizing its technological gains while still improving other aspects.

Why you should consider doing business in Estonia

Strategically located within the European Union, Estonia prides itself on being the first country to have a fully functional e-residency platform. The platform enables Blockchains to rank the best business to start in Estonia.

E-residency is a digital identification program that enables people from all across the world to become Estonian residents economically.The platform allows everyone to complete their processes and procedures online, even while awaiting approvals for their applications, which may take between 3 to 4 weeks.

The Estonian e-Residency allows citizens from other countries to transact and conduct their businesses anywhere within their country, just like any other citizen. However, it does not exclude anyone from paying taxes in their respective home countries.

Equally, this is not a travel document that is valid, nor is it a visa document. It only grants economic rights while denying social rights.

How to acquire the E-residency

Consulting24 takes charge of the e-Residency applications for interested clients. The clients are required to provide;


  • Passport photo

  • A copy of your ID

  • Police clearance

  • A state fee of 120 sterling pounds


All the processes can be conducted without the need of the client’s physical presence.

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To buy an existing company or setting up a new company.

Sometimes, clients would have different needs on the nature of the company they want to operate. As an established consultant, Consultant24 guides clients on the nature of companies they would want to set up and whether to buy or start a new company.

The benefits of buying an already established company automatically outweigh the benefits of setting up a new company. Not all companies would pose these benefits because of reasons such as;


  • Bad company reputations

  • Poor target market

  • Low capital base

  • Poor ratings

Consulting24 facilitates the purchase of already established companies, which has conducted due diligence on and whose value would match the client's expectations.

Buying an already established crypto-exchange gives the client such head starts;

  • Start generation of immediate cashflows.

  • There is an already established market.

  • The complicated start-up procedure is already rolled out.

  • It gives the entrepreneur an advantage to weigh on financial history.

  • The business will enjoy an already existing goodwill.

Dynamics involved in Setting up a successful crypto-platform

As an experienced and professional blockchain consultant, Consulting24 takes charge of its client's entire processes while matching their needs. The company makes sure that clients appreciate cryptocurrency as the best business to start in Estonia. It makes sure that all the registration and licensing procedures as well captured to ensure efficiency in operations.


Consulting24 helps its clients;


  • Register businesses

  • Register directors

  • Provision of relocation services

  • Acquire Virtual currency service provider licenses

  • Open bank accounts

  • Accounting and legal services

  • Steering and guiding company operations


Owing to its sound understanding of the Blockchain terrain, the company is well-positioned to help companies fulfill procedures and protocols in the registration stage. Such documents are required;


  • Company name

  • Shareholders names and addresses

  • Passport photocopies

  • Company activities and services

  • Payment modules


Virtual currency provider licenses are acquired once the company has been registered. It gives the traders the right to provide virtual currency wallet services, enable an exchange of traditional currency with virtual currency, and also facilitate virtual to virtual currency trading.

Licensing process also requires the directors to provide their documents such as police clearance, passport copies, office location, and bank account.

Despite the existence of both traditional and digital banking platforms, Consulting24 seeks to ensure that traders experience the minimum possible inconveniences by ensuring that they have platforms that allow clients to sell cryptocurrencies by use of both debit and credit cards.

The company also makes sure that the client's platforms provide its own tokens while also accepting Euro deposits from clients to sell Bitcoins. Bank accounts enable the company to conduct business while also being able to track the daily activities at minimal costs.

Company operations

Having built and seen multiple companies grow in the Estonian Crypto industry, Consulting24 also makes sure that clients can access world-class services while trying to match the rest within the industry.

The company offers both financial and legal services to clients at a convenient cost. Other areas they concentrate on include relocation of the company, which entails the acquisition of permits, office spaces, staff recruitments, and even director's registration.

Most companies note the business benefits that accrue from trading in Blockchains within the Estonian market. The technology has widely been accepted from various aspects such as governments, insurance companies, healthcare, and electronics.

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