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LHV Bank founder Rain Lõhmus lost the private key to his $470M in Ethereum.

Updated: Jan 1

Rain Lõhmus lost private keys to his Ethereum, founder of LHV Bank in Estonia, owns a colossal 250,000 Ethereum coins—originally acquired during Ethereum's initial offering—now valued at a staggering $470 million. Unfortunately, he's lost access to the private keys.

Rain Lõhmus lost private keys
Rain Lõhmus lost private keys

Coinbase's Conor Grogan first brought attention to this dormant whale wallet in February, highlighting its untouched state since Ethereum's ICO. Fast forward to November 6, Grogan updated on X (Twitter) about Lõhmus' admission in a recent interview, linking him to the trapped Ethereum fortune.

For more details, refer to the ERR News Intereview with Rain Lõhmus on October 31.


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