Guide To Start A Blockchain Company In Estonia

As an Estonian company specializing in the Blockchain consultancy, Consulting24 focuses on the growth and stabilization of digital companies through guidance and relevant information that helps start a blockchain company in Estonia.

Consulting24 helps aspiring entrepreneurs in the Blockchain industry to bankroll into this complex Blockchain segment. It offers tailor-made services to clients who wish to establish a strong foundation for companies in the crypto-industry


With a highly dedicated team of techno-savvy professionals, Consulting24 provides support to clients who want to;

  • Register company (s)

  • License company (s)

  • Bank account opening

  • Acquire support services such as accounting, legal services, etc.


Requirements for starting up a Blockchain Company in Estonia


Launching a legal Estonia Blockchain company may sound tedious at first to new entrants. However, Consulting24 ensures that its clients are only participants as it undertakes the whole process from the inception of a company to have it fully functional with all the necessary aspects.

Consulting24 requires the fulfilment of the following requirements for a valid Crypto-company registration;


  • Estonia e-residency

  • Subscription to the Consulting24's accounting plan which is subject to renewal monthly or yearly depending on the client's plan

  • License application that enables the company to operate from Estonia

  • Having an understanding of the business operating environment.

Having a rich knowledge about the Blockchain environment in Estonia, Consulting24 offers the following services to its prospective clients;

1. VAT number application
2. Board members registration
3. Company office and address registration
4. State fees and notary fees
5. Company’s contact person
6. Employment registration for the company


These services are offered upon agreement to the terms and conditions provided by the company and upon payment of a one-time fee of 1,050 euros and an additional charge of 50 Euros for any complementary member of the company.


All this is subject to an additional VAT charge while Consulting24 takes charge of the entire process, as shall be outlined.

e-Residency in Estonia

To start a blockchain Company in Estonia,regulations require that all the members must be e-Residency holders.

To acquire an e-Residency, you are required to visit the official e-Residency application website then make an application by the input of key personal details such as copies of passport photos, birth date, citizenship, and passport photos.

This procedure would take a maximum of 3 to 4 weeks to enable the process to be approved.


Application of an Estonian address

Official office and address must be available. Consulting24 enables clients to set up without the need for physical presence within Estonia. The global business may require the establishment of office operations and the hiring of directors and employees to help operate the company.

Conducting a Company name search

The Estonia Blockchain company registration procedures require that the companies conduct a proper check for the intended company name to ensure that it is not used or trademarked by any other company.

We encourage clients to ensure that they strive to have unique names that may not require further changes shortly. It is possible to get consent over the use of a registered name from the original owner.

With a secure and advanced technological state,It is easier to do a company name search over the registration website at no cost, thereby advantaging most interested entrepreneurs because the same websites provide enabling access to more users.

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Company Information required for the registration

To set up a Blockchain company in Estonia, the entrepreneurs should provide a list detailing the company's members. It is necessary to ensure that the members representing certain company aspects are highlighted before the company starts operations.

The address details of the company must include the email alongside the specification of the activities the company wishes to undertake as this forms the basis of the company’s source of revenue.

Opening A Bank Account
Company operation in Estonia requires setting up a bank account. Consulting24 guides clients in complying with the requirements of setting up a bank account which must be done within Estonia. It helps clients in payment of suppliers, invoicing of clients, and distribution of company benefits.

Clients shall be required to provide;

  • Bank statements

  • Valid visa documents

  • Business licenses

  • Employment licenses


To acquire a Blockchain license in Estonia, clients must have a bank account within the European Economic block. Consulting24 creates an enabling and supporting environment that allows proper integration with other industry players.

It also enables clients to acquire and sell cryptocurrencies by using debit and credit cards hence offering greater convenience to all involved.

Clients can also enjoy greater conveniences because all the transactions can be tracked through the bank account while accepting the use of Euro deposits from all clients wishing to sell or buy Bitcoins.

Despite having these alternatives, traditional banks, also known as fiat currencies, are also available to our clients. It is available in both hard currencies and digital currencies, and they are slowly matching the solutions of the Bitcoins enthusiasts.

Bitcoin Licensing in Estonia.

To be able to conduct business in Estonia legally, clients must first secure a license. When a company acquires a license, it means that it has agreed to work within all the guidelines and frameworks of the Estonian legislation.

Regulation helps clients create trust with the customers since it feels more secure, and clients can easily rely on its existence. All crypto-companies must have a license to operate the digital currency wallet service, which costs up to 10,000 Euros exclusive of VAT for a single license.

Why you may want to do business in Estonia

Consulting24 guides clients by the provision of a management service tool to the e-Residents. "Companio" is an online client management tool that offers convenience owing to the Enabling Estonian environment.

It enables clients to transact in all the European union currency portfolio's and clients can also manage their accounts from far without necessarily having to be available within Estonia.

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