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How to Register A Company in Estonia?-A Step-By-Step Guide

Listed amongst the first twenty nations for “ease-of-doing” business, Estonia is top-ranked destination to set up a company, be it a tech startup or a crypto venture.

To register a company in Estonia, half an hour is all you need to devote. With the e-residency facility in Estonia, you can start a company online in just a few minutes, without running after the notary or hopping from one government office to another.

Successfully apply for setting up your business in this Northern European technology-empowered nation with an e-residency ID card, with the Lithuanian mobile ID, Portuguese ID, Belgian or Finnish ID.

Apply the Application Online To Get A Digital ID Online

You need to pay for the state fee of 100 Euros to register a company in Estonia. Also, you have the freedom to select a pick-up location for getting the digital ID.

Select a Service Provider and Establish Your Business

It requires you to get an Estonian contact person and have a valid address in the country. The monthly costs for the same are around 50 to 100 Euros.

Start Your Company in Estonia

To register a company in Estonia, you are required to pay 190 Euros for business registration and to form your organization’s structure.

Take part In Local Community

Ideally, it is an easy decision to be a part of a thriving Estonian community to grow your business.

The Four Steps Guide To Setting Up a Company in Estonia

Step 1 : Selecting the Name

The first thing to do when registering a business in Estonia is to pick a name. Check whether any European trademark is registered with your prospective business name.

Ideally, the business name has to be distinct and something that easily connects with your target audience. In Estonia, it is easy to search and get information regarding company name with just a few clicks.

Step 2 : Filling The Company’s Data

The next step when starting a company in Estonia is providing critical information about your company, stretching from details regarding your board members to the shareholders.

You’ll be required to provide inside details of the members of your company. When adding data for the member, you’ll have to decide he/she will be a shareholder or a board member. It would be great if any of the company members have an Estonian e-residency ID card.

Step 3 : Overview and Make the Payment

Step three is to verify whether the information you’ve provided when registering your company in Estonia is correct or not. While it seems like a given, we tend to overlook the information, and often end up facing a rejection right away.

If everything is fine, then proceed with the payment for the registration fee.

Step 4: Become an Estonia E-Resident

So, we are on the last step of starting your company in Estonia. If you are an e-resident of Estonia, then the process of company registration in this world’s first digital society takes less than 48 hours.

If you or any of the company’s board members are not registered as the country’s e-resident, it is best to submit your application via the government’s official e-residency web portal. Once the application is approved, you’ll get a digital ID in your hands in about 3 to 4 weeks, so you gotta be patient!

Closing Remarks

So, planning to launch your business venture in Estonia? Go directly to the official website of e-residency application website, and register your company while sitting in the comfort of your home.

Have any query or doubt, and then write to us in the comment section of this blog post! 

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