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Cracked Diablo 3 Save Editor [BEST]


cracked diablo 3 save editor

Nov 3, 2018 Jofari is a noob trying to hack diablo3. After reading the post it was unhelpful to answer all his questions. In this thread he asks what is the cracked editor. . i want an editor that will help me save my game on my pc instead of having to use my ds.Q: Access vba equivalent of java's.replaceAll() The following function is from java which replaces all spaces with " ". public static String replaceAll(String text, String sub) { int end = text.indexOf(sub, 0); while (end!= -1) { text = text.replace(sub, ""); end = text.indexOf(sub, end + 1); } return text; } I'm currently writing a vba function that does the same thing. This is what I have so far: Function replaceAll(text As String, sub As String) As String Dim objRegEx As New RegExp Dim objMatches As MatchCollection Dim objMatchesCount As Long Dim objMatch As Match objRegEx.Global = True objRegEx.Pattern = " " objMatchesCount = objRegEx.Matches(text) If objMatchesCount 0 Then Set objMatches = objRegEx.Execute(text) For Each objMatch In objMatches text = Replace(text, objMatch, "") Next objMatch End If replaceAll = text End Function The problem

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Cracked Diablo 3 Save Editor [BEST]

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