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2.JPG Rptr. at 676; it is not, by any stretch of the imagination, the same factual situation involved in those cases. There is no "dissenting opinion" to be reconciled. Nor was the "dissenting opinion" a holding or analysis that would be consistent with the Supreme Court's decision and decisional law; rather, it was the dissent's conclusion on a legal issue, not on the case at bar. There is no question that this dissent (and its conclusion) were not considered by the Supreme Court or the Ninth Circuit Q: How to use enum inside a test I have a class like so public class MyClass { public enum Fields { [ConfigurationProperty("field1")] Field1 = 1, [ConfigurationProperty("field2")] Field2 = 2 } private Fields m_field; [ConfigurationProperty("field")] public Fields Field get { return this.m_field; } set this.m_field = value; public int SomeField { get; set; } public int SomeOtherField { get; set; } } I have a unit test to set the value in the config file: //Arrange var expectedValue = 1; var actualValue = Activator.CreateInstance(typeof(MyClass), new [] { new ConfigurationProperty("field1", new object[] { expectedValue }) }); var subject = actualValue.Field; //Act subject.SetValue(expectedValue); //Assert Assert.AreEqual(expectedValue, actualValue.SomeField); And I get a null reference exception. The subject is null. Is this the correct



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Free Download Midi Indonesia Terbaru 2013 garrdany

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