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World’s first open-source land registry initiated by United Nations and LTO Network

The opportunity has at long last arrived to declare our most recent (and greatest) undertaking to date! The United Nations Office of Information and Communication Technology (UNOICT) and UN-Habitat have formally delivered the 'hotly anticipated news' about our synergistic undertaking; assembling an open-source land library arrangement. The product will make its presentation in December 2020 in Central Asia.

In 2019 the UN was looking to blockchain innovation for secure and straightforward land records the executives as a feature of a bigger revamping measure in Afghanistan. It's a piece of the "City for All" (CFA) activity; a lead activity in the nearby government's 'Metropolitan National Priority Program 2016-2025'.

Financed by USAID and the EU, with specialized help from UN-Habitat, the "City for All" activity is supported by the way that bridling the nation's urban areas for state-building and peacebuilding requires three key segments:

1. Successful land the executives with clear land rights, limitations, and obligations

2. Key metropolitan intending to set up a typical vision and guide public ventures for a comprehensive and prosperous metropolitan future

3. Improved metropolitan account and administration, resident commitment and portrayal

In September 2019, UNOICT and UN-Habitat marked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to give a system of collaboration to the improvement of an advanced land library utilizing arising innovation apparatuses on the side of the Government's CFA program. The two UN elements later teamed up with the LTO Network to use blockchain innovation to help the study, enlistment and documentation of properties in Afghan districts.

Rick Schmitz, CEO LTO Network -

“LTO Network is proud to facilitate land registry operations for countries around the world through the open-source boilerplate that we intensively developed for the past year in collaboration with UN-Habitat and UN-OICT teams.”

Open Source

LTO Network and UN-OICT will distribute the source code for the confirmation device in the UN's public GitHub repo, permitting each nation, area and city to fabricate and style their own record trustworthiness check instrument surprisingly fast.

By teaming up with LTO Network, the United Nations Office of Information and Communication Technology has dispatched an open-source, profoundly reasonable and blockchain-based device to encourage the far and a wide selection of decentralized land libraries. Utilizing LTO's Live Contracts, information can be consequently disseminated to various partners and frameworks to encourage land-library moves, charge mechanizations, arrangement of credit and other use cases, making them remarkably proficient.

First Country's Implementation Phase

The Afghanistan Government will be the starting organization for this new item. Land residency and land exchanges sway ventures from both homegrown and unfamiliar sources, credit accessibility, destitution rates, land esteems, and agrarian efficiency which is altogether key components of monetary execution, advancement and supportability for any nation. Land vaults support how land is held, utilized and executed, and uphold the assurance, move and implementation of land rights just as the goal of land questions. Land rights that are secured by law and that can be executed effectively are basic to a well-working economy.

Finished inhabitance testaments produced from the Afghanistan Land Authority (ARAZI) are straightforwardly positioned on the LTO Network blockchain through a basic API coordinated in the UN-OICT-assembled framework. The endorsement is then consequently sent by email to the bundle proprietor who can show the report's validness freely, through the open-source blockchain check apparatus. The exchange receipt is sent back to the ARAZI framework for later reference.

The "GoLandRegistry" arrangement will empower the Afghan Ministry of Urban Development and Land to keep up a vault of real and unchanging property records and to create and give inhabitance endorsements. The Afghanistan land vault arrangement will be moved to the nation's Government in December 2020, and will be prepared to deal with an expected 2.8 million land divides will be separately enlisted on the blockchain, after which each new transformation to the inhabitance declaration will be done by means of changeless exchanges utilizing LTO's Live Contracts. Landowners will have the option to show the validness of the record autonomously through the Open Source blockchain confirmation instruments.

Maurizio Gazzola, Chief Strategic Solutions, UN-OICT - “UNOICT has collaborated with UN-Habitat, the Government of Afghanistan and the LTO Network to build a software solution that can effectively support Afghanistan’s digitization of Government administration services to improve the quality of life for its citizens. The plug-and-play design of the LTO Network’s blockchain and the contribution of transaction tokens for the Afghanistan project enabled the development of the blockchain anchoring mechanisms and the Open Source certificate of ownership verification tool that is now available to any country to utilize as a blockchain add-on to their existing land registry systems”.

Victor Kisob, Deputy Executive Director, UN-Habitat - “Land is central to ending poverty and inequality, to enhance access to food security, to provide basic services, to foster peace and stability, and to reduce land degradation in rural and urban areas. UN-Habitat is supporting member states to build and strengthen systems to fast track progress towards SDGs 1, 5 and 11, and to generate data for monitoring progress, reporting, as well as for effective and evidence-based policy formulation and decision making. Efficient and accessible land registries are key to this process. The collaboration between UN-Habitat, UNOICT and LTO will promote the use of modern technology and an integrated approach to data generated for this purpose”.

The start of something greater

With the GoLandRegistry venture, UN-Habitat is supporting the Government of Afghanistan to jump regular innovations for land enrollment and land-based tax assessment. UN-Habitat has cooperated with UNOICT to acquaint blockchain innovation with improve residency security and increment civil incomes to upgrade soundness, independence and nearby monetary turn of events.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) came to between the UN-OICT and UN-Habitat gives a structure of participation with respect to the advancement of arising innovation devices and computerized stages for the metropolitan plan and arranging, with a specific spotlight on Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

What's more, with the United Nations supporting to utilize blockchain against debasement all through the world, LTO Network is prepared to offer its aptitude and attachment and-play arrangements any place required.

Rick Schmitz, CEO, LTO Network - “We believe the future for land registries lies with hybrid blockchain solutions that allow for optimized and decentralized data exchange between stakeholders in the land registry process without the need for expensive IT-overhauls, simply by linking APIs. LTO Network will be advancing into the realm of DeFi with the introduction of microfinance as our next step in this important project. Land purchasing made possible through microfinance, with LTO Network’s fabric at its base. This makes the purchase of land more accessible for the citizens of Afghanistan. We believe that this will be a huge game-changer, while, in addition, we also strive to improve the lives of citizens by opening new opportunities. With this project, we envision a more accessible and transparent way of ownership.”

Other non-industrial nations are relied upon to initiate their property library pilots later in the year 2021.

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