World Health Organization Announced a Blockchain Platform to Fight the Coronavirus Crisis

Amidst the COVID-19 global outbreak which is creating mayhem in most countries on the map, the World Health Organization (WHO) has unveiled a Blockchain-powered platform which will facilitate the secure transfer of information- “Fully Private Information Sharing Between Individuals, State Authorities and Health institutions.”

The challenge cross-references siloed location and health records is “siloed” at the platform to glean global insights while ensuring patient privacy, with MiPasa describing the platform as a “verifiable statistics highway.” MiPasa is slated to soon host an array of publicly accessible analytics tools too.

According to the Project’s Website:

“MiPasa can help monitor and foresee local and global epidemiological trends and detect likely asymptomatic carriers by feeding big data on infection routes and occurrences to powerful AI processors around the world.”

Many national health institutions are also contributing to the project — together with the U.S., European, and Chinese Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, the Hong Kong Department of Health, the Government of Canada and China’s National Health Commission.