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White-Label E-Money License in Lithuania in Under 4 Months

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

We're excited to launch a white-label crypto-friendly E-money license in Lithuania with the full banking software. The whole setup takes only 4 months.

Furthermore, using the Lithuania white-label e-money license would also make it possible for businesses to open accounts for global citizens. And provide them the facility of SEPA payments for 37 Counties ( EUR deposits). In short, EMI accounts can be used crypto/blockchain business in processing payments for national as well as international clients who wish to buy Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency online.

SEPA countries: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, German, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Portugal, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom (including Gibraltar).

E-money Institution, Is That A Big Opportunity?

According to the resources, there are over 30 000 banking service providers around the globe. And, did you know that 22% of total USD has been issued by federal reserve this year? This certainly calls for hyperinflation in the coming months. Hence, it becomes more important than ever for new payment service providers to offer an edge to their users. Alongside, welcoming international users will also help in staying afloat during difficult financial times.

Looking at the brighter side, with more USD in circulation, the demand for new payment service providers is surging. That again makes it too crucial for payment service providers to ensure the highest level of satisfaction for customers and open doors for international users.

Therefore, to stay ahead of the challenges, Consulting24 found it crucial to act.

When you wanna get E-money license yourself:

Usually, to e-money license yourself, it requires min 350 000€ deposit. Not just that, it also takes over 1,5 to 2 years to complete the complex and lengthy process. However, on the contrary, the while-label solution would offer a much-relaxed process. Using the white label EMI, businesses can complete the entire process in 4 months. Plus, you won’t have to make a 350k deposit to start the process.

E-money license white-label cost:

  1. E-money license white-label included preparation of the documents to the regulatory - one-time fee 25 000€, monthly license maintenance 3000€ + 20% commission on a fees

  2. Compliance procedure package - one-time fee 3000€

  3. Dedicated AML officer - 3000€ monthly, but you can hire yourself as well (Consulting24 deal: 1-month AML is included)

Total: 28000€ + 3000€ monthly, payments 50% to start with the process. 50% when the website is up.

Software cost:

  1. Bank account registration, back-office platform set up under your brand and API - one-time fee 7 000€, monthly 2 000€

  2. Servers set up - one-time fee 2000€, monthly 1000€.

  3. KYC software setup - one-time fee 1 000€, monthly 500€

Total: 10 000€, monthly 3500€

Check details: HERE

Full Crypto Banking and Processing For Your Clients:

1. Crypto license and company in Estonia

Estonian crypto license allows you to exchange, issue your own token, sell your own token via debit/credit card, sell Bitcoin for 179 countries.

2. Whitelabel E-money institution in Lithuania

Banking accounts and SEPA deposits.

It works this way that Lithuania company and Estonia company partners up. This way all crypto activities happen ( buy/sell crypto, crypto deposits, etc) under the Estonia company and Lithuania EMI opens accounts for clients to take SEPA Deposits.

Mardo Soo, the founder and CEO of Consulting24 said:

“Our team aims to create better opportunities for our clients. And helping them through the complete digitization process is just the beginning of the new world. We will ensure to keep making more room for development and growth alongside the blockchain industry for our clients.”

About Consulting24

Consulting24 OÜ is the fastest-growing consultancy company in Estonia by volume and has obtained over 300 crypto licenses so far. We have both tailored and ready-made companies for sale. Our clients have processed a total of over 2 trillion in transactions.

If you are interested to discuss contact me ncrease their reach to a larger group of mass worldwide. Hence, we keep coming up with better ideas and important collaborations, ensuring complete satisfaction for our clients.

Read more about e-money license white-label.

If you are interested to discuss contact with me or WhatsApp at +37258155779 and let's talk.


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