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US Cryptocurrency Exchange, Coinbase Tested the Clearview AI Facial Recognition Technology

One of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States of America has recently tested the AI Facial Recognition Technology from Clearview. As per the latest statistics put forth by Coinbase, the exchange has roughly more than 30 million profiles and 20 million views per month. The recent testing of AI Facial Recognition Technology was reported by the company to Buzzfeed. However, the company in a statement has clearly said that they have not involved their user data for this purpose.

The software from Clearview has been a subject of the global debate with crypto veterans terming this as a threat to the customer critical data. Sometime back, the New York Times exposed the data of the customers present on various social platforms and millions of third-party websites; without any consent of the customers.

Clearview AI has been notified by Twitter, Goole, and Facebook to stop their illegal activities, those they are bound to take stern measures. On the other hand, the CEO of the Clearview, Hoan Ton-That said that their software is implemented in accordance with the different law enforcement authorities throughout the United States of America. And, their business is mainly operative in Canada and USA-the entire list of the users got into the hands of Buzzfeed, provided anonymously. The list has signup users from as many 26 nations.

The list included household names such as the Best Buy, Walmart, and Macy’s, along with the top government agencies, the police departments, and high-profile schools and banks.

However, the inclusion of Cainbase came as a big surprise to the entire cryptocurrency world. A spokesman in an interview to the Buzzfeed said that they have to test Clearview scene “Unique Needs Around Security and Compliance”

“Our security and compliance teams tested Clearview AI to see if the service could meaningfully bolster our efforts to protect employees and offices against physical threats and investigate fraud. At this time, we have not made any commitments to use Clearview AI.”

The many companies in the using the ClearView software are using it own to the individual accounts, without any knowledge of the senior management-Coinbase ‘s response suggest that testing was sanctioned.

Facial Recognition Is Globally Widespread

The potential of misusing facial recognition technology cannot be underpinned, and it is highly unregulated in the United States of America.

A captain with the Senoia Police Department told BuzzFeed that “It’s just like you giving a weapon to a police officer. You would hope that he uses it properly and doesn’t use it improperly and remembers his training. It’s a good tool if used appropriately and with caution.

Cointelegraph has connected with Coinbase to demand subtleties on whether the innovation has been utilized to screen potential representatives or to recognize individuals visiting Coinbase's workplaces. This article will be refreshed with their reaction.

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