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The UK government passed the Online Safety Bill.

The increase in online interactions has led to a surge in online harms and hate crimes. Acknowledging this growing concern, the UK government has released a comprehensive green paper titled "Internet Safety Strategy," which is part of the UK Government Online Safety Bill. This document outlines the steps and measures to ensure a safer online environment for everyone, addressing the prevalent issues and establishing a framework for regulation and protection against online threats.

UK Government's Proposal: The Green Paper for Online Safety Bill
UK Government's Proposal: The Green Paper for Online Safety Bill

Addressing Online Harms

The primary aim of the strategies detailed in the green paper is to create safer online environments and reduce the harm experienced online. The paper acknowledges that despite efforts, there will be instances when things go wrong for some internet users. It emphasizes the importance of having robust support systems in place for users when such unfortunate incidents occur online. The paper provides detailed insights into existing work across government sectors seeking to support users.

Online Hate Crime Hub

The Home Secretary announced the establishment of an Online Hate Crime Hub, which aims to ensure that victims of online hate crime have their cases investigated efficiently and effectively. This initiative will aid the police in providing tailored support to victims through expert case management and detailed evidence collection, hoping to increase prosecutions and ensure that victims receive appropriate support and advice.

Support for Victims

The strategy outlined in the green paper clearly delineates the existing support for victims of online harms, including through the ending violence against women and girls (VAWG) strategy, the serious and organized crime strategy, and the national cybersecurity strategy. It also details the hate crime action plan and the support provided by the government to older people who might be victims of online fraud.

Educational Initiatives

One of the key focus areas of the paper is the education of parents and carers on online safety. The document stresses the importance of streamlined and targeted education and advice on online safety for parents, acknowledging that the abundance of information available can be overwhelming and confusing.


The Internet Safety Strategy green paper serves as a crucial step towards addressing the pressing concerns of online safety and hate crimes. It provides comprehensive insights into the government's efforts to support victims and emphasizes the importance of education and awareness in preventing online harms. It is imperative for individuals and organizations to familiarize themselves with the strategies outlined in the paper and to contribute to creating a safer and more inclusive online environment for all.

For a detailed overview of the Internet Safety Strategy green paper, refer to the original source.


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