Top Web Hosting Companies Accepting Cryptocurrency in 2020

In today’s digitalized world, Bitcoin over the last decade has grown into a full-fledged currency such as Dollar and Euro. Today, Bitcoin currency is accepted by local malls, government services, online payment, and there are many top-ranked web hosting service providers who have Bitcoin as a payment method. But, there are still so many web hosting companies those who are not keen on embracing bitcoin, they consider the conventional means of payment safe & convenient.

Here, in this post, we’ve rounded up web hosting companies that let their customers pay for their subscription fees via the Bitcoin, for the last one and more.

But, before we get into that list, it is imperative to know why you need to prefer a web hosting company that readily accepts Bitcoin? 

Out of the numerous reasons, the most compelling being the ease of payment convenience you get when paying through Bitcoin. If you are someone who already buying things via cryptocurrency, then it becomes even more convenient.

The Bitcoin payment is best for those want to maintain their anonymity. However, keep the identity safe must not be taken synonymous with criminality. As governments worldwide are becoming sterner on the freedom of speech, the Bitcoin anonymity makes sure you stay clear of the mud of politics and your site stays online. 

The best part about the Bitcoin currency let to pay for the minimum transaction fees.

Buy Web Hosting Service Package With Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a digitalized, decentralized currency with which you can shop for different web hosting packages offered by many web hosting companies around the globe.

It is highly advisable that you carefully look into the specification of each package before you finalize on paying off the annual fee. When your needs are pretty basic, then its best to save money.

The other way around, if the daily web traffic or expectation is on the higher side, then you must go with a premium web hosting package, otherwise, you are going to deal with a lot of trouble later on. As a matter of truth, nothing frustrates a web visitor more than a site that takes ages to load. When it comes to building an eCommerce site, then you gotta make sure the store load faster and easier to browse, therefore decide on the server power accordingly. 

What Type of Web Hosting You Require

There is a myriad of options when it comes to web hosting services. Today, cloud hosting is the advanced means for hosting a website. It is highly recommended that you carefully understand the pros and cons of each web hosting option before you finalize on anything, However, if you are a web hosting expert, then you just need to this segment of this article.

Shared Hosting

If you launching a startup to the digital world, then shared hosting could be the most preferred choice. The critical website data that is associated with your business is will there on a single server with services shared with other sites. This is a cost-efficient, starter package when it comes to web hosting.

However, you got to know that this type of hosting is slightly slower than other options in the web hosting industry as here the different resources of the server such as the RAM is shared among many websites.

Dedicated Web Hosting

This web hosting type overcomes the downsides of the shared hosting. Here, your website will have complete access to the entire server and its resources with no sharing. However, one con associated with selecting the dedicated web hosting package is that is relatively expensive.

Until and unless, you have an established online reputation, you must not go with dedicated web hosting initially. 

Virtual Private Server Web Hosting

This is a kind of web hosting model that merges the perks of dedicated and shared web hosting. If you are hosting a custom software or want full control just like a dedicated server, then VPS is an ideal option.

However, VPS still in a development phase, therefore exhibit many flaws. One being as the traffic spikes suddenly, a site that is hosted on a VPS is going to suffer as it is inherent of the shared hosting.

In a nutshell, VPS hosting is like a training simulator by which you can understand your website architecture and what are the areas where there is scope for improvement before moving onto the dedicated web hosting.