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Today's Clients Want To Know More About Cybersecurity

The information age, also known as a digital age, is different and security has its role during that time.

Almost all services are available online, including internet banking. Online systems also change the way of stealing funds. In that case, cybersecurity has a very important role to play in the current business. David Leach, head of cybersecurity and technology controls in JPMorgan Chases’s Asia-Pacific, said the following during a BlockShow meeting:

"It’s a competitive disadvantage not to have a robust cybersecurity capability that you can demonstrate.

Nasir Zumbairi

Years ago, before the Internet was even a thing, clients mostly questioned about different services about funding and finance. The CEO of the Luxembourg House of Financial Technology, Nasir Zumbairi, told that in those days security was not the first thing to discuss. Leach said that nowadays customers are more often asking about security.

He also added:

“If we look outside of retail for a moment at wholesale banking, all of our clients and customers are regularly asking us to demonstrate what our cybersecurity maturity is. You see messaging platforms like Swift having an expectation that you have cyber hygiene and being able to demonstrate that, and that’s a good thing.”

Leach also called attention to the following: “The level of inquiry, the intrusiveness, the frequency, where you have to demonstrate cybersecurity maturity, is just on the up and up,” he remarked, “estimating 20-30% increase in regulatory inquiry year over year on cybersecurity.” In turn, this has produced online protection awareness encircling the proper parameters for the ever-changing landscape.

Cybersecurity is also very important in the crypto and blockchain world. Anonymity comes with the internet and human beings can simply buy and save crypto money anonymously. This makes them the best spot for robbery. In these cases, people have to remember the basic knowledge of cybersecurity. Interchange cages also appear from time to time, which means that these centralized units need to be aware of the latest threats.

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