The Use of Tokens to Vote for Candidates is Being Backed by Top-Crypto Players Worldwide

One of the biggest problems authorities face when conducting free and free elections in the world’s oldest democracy, the United States, is separating cash and politics. In the middle of this topic is Political Action Committees (PACs), companies that can guide applicants or law with money raised privately.

HODLpac, the PAC founded by Tyler Whirty of the assignment capital company the Takoma Group, can be searching for a new way for Americans to donate to congressional applicants the usage of crypto.

By doing so, they'll now not handiest show how blockchain can be applied for campaign contributions, but additionally supporting crypto-friendly regulation through donating to candidates who do the same.

There are quite a few big names in the crypto community behind the PAC. According to Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings, HOLDpac's founding donors consist of the Winklevoss twins, Donald Wilson Jr. From DRW, Brian Armstrong and Emilie Choi from Coinbase, Olaf Carlson-Wee at Polychain, and Kristin Smith from the Blockchain Association.

Using Tokens to ‘Vote’ for Candidates