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Telegram Ready to Unleash its Blockchain Open Network TON in Late October

As per the recent reports coming, Telegram is all set to unveil its Blockchain Open Network TON in late October. Recently, on Wednesday, the company sent emails to all its TON investors.

The email received was confirmed by a CTO of a partnering company of Telegram TON, CTO of TON Labs, Mitja Goroshevsky-CoinDesk. TON Labs is an upcoming startup that has been developing for TON developers. In addition to that, the TON Land will take care of the validation pool all on its own.

A recent post in the Telegram channel, which has been created dedicatedly for this company’s dream venture read “original investors received emails from the Telegram core team,” adds to that, the investors are asked to present their public keys to Telegram by October the 16th. The key needs to be generated with the use of the key generator; with this, they will obtain the grams or tokens they invested for.

Also, the official mail sent by Telegram to all its original investors notably threw light on the importance of governance, and why it is so crucial, Telegram suggested that it will recuse from running the network.

“Investors have to select validators. Neither Telegram nor the TON Foundation will serve as validators post-launch.”

The CoinDesk earlier reported that the code for the project of Blockchain TON was released in the month of September. This was done to let the broad community try out a block explorer, full nodes, and validator nodes.

The Telegram is expected to unveil this Blockchain-powered TON on October the 31st. This was in accordance to the existing agreements Telegram has with the TON investors. The Blockchain was early in the year 2018 with in-depth secrecy, while raising $1.7 billion. However, strangely, the CEO of Telegram, Pavel Durov, has never officially talked about the existence of TON.

But, the only confirmation which has been put forth by the Telegram is so its registration with the United States of America. The Telegram Group INC. Names have the featured by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the project’s SAFT (simple agreement for future tokens). And, to mention, the TON’s chief architect is Nikolai Durov, who is the brother of Telegram’s CEO.

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