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Telegram Founder Bashes U.S. as a 'Police State' Amid Free TON Launch

"The United States is no longer a winning place for tech entrepreneurs." Telegram's founder says.

Telegram founder Pavel Durov In a May 7 post, called the United States a "police state" and suggested entrepreneurs should shift their businesses to Silicon Valley.

Pavel Durov

Perhaps tired by the legal fights around Telegram's beleaguered token offering, Durov scolded the United States in his newest post "7 Reasons Not To Move To The [Silicon] Valley." The post said he analyzed it both as a place to live and a place to do business. The post was only published in Durov's Russian Telegram channel and published in the Russian language.

FBI Pressured Telegram

The first reason, in Durov's viewpoint, is that the United States is a police state. He is basing this judgment on the fact the U.S. has the most significant number of people incarcerated in the world. He also stated that in 2016, during its journey to San Francisco, the Telegram team was pressured by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Durov went on to list several other circumstances that, in his mind, make life in the United States unattractive — the shortage of cultural life, a sick healthcare system, mediocre school education, massive taxes, significant software development expenses and the lackluster market aspect for the 21st century.

His final advice to entrepreneurs from Eastern Europe was to explore other options. According to Durov:

"Today, India, not the United States, offers the biggest open internet-market in the world."

This judgment was issued on the same day as the Free TON Community started its blockchain. Purportedly, neither Telegram nor Durov included in the project. It also came weeks after the report that Russia may raise its 3-year Telegram ban.

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