Tech Giant, Microsoft Lends Helping Hand for Enterprises Minting Their Own Ethereum Tokens

There is big news coming in from the tech world that Microsoft is secretly in the prospect of trying out tokens that are like the Bitcoin. This is being termed as big news that adds to the global expansion of the crypto industry.

Today, Microsoft is the only big player in the IT sector that us readily accepting Bitcoin as a payment method and have built a mint which will be issuing a spectrum of digital assets.

Before Microsoft jumping into the world of cryptocurrency and tokens, there are companies including a video game and a virtual reality platform which has already implemented the concept of mint to create a myriad of electronic assets. As of now, just about anybody can have the full preview of the technology.

The platform by Microsoft is termed as the Azure Blockchain Tokens, it is a crypto-assets mint that allows enterprises of diverse capacities & complexities to design, issue, and maintain a complete range of assets like the Ethereum, Bitcoin. And, the part, since they exist only in one place at a time, forging is next to impossible, and auditing is breezy-easy.

The major difference between the Bitcoin currency and the Azure Blockchain Tokens is that the former one is far more fungible like gold & money; on the other hand, the latter one is available in non fungible documents, tickets, and bonds.