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Shopify Now a Member of the Libra Association

Shopify is a globally trusted platform for building eCommerce stores. The e-commerce industry over the past one decade has borderless, right from Asia, South America to Europe, the world has become one borderless marketplace. Having said that, it is often easy to overlook that payments & value exchange of products aren’t resolved everywhere. As a matter of truth, the majority of the world’s infrastructure isn’t developed taking into the growing internet commerce.

Our core objective of Shopify is to perform the infrastructure of online commerce improved and robust everywhere, and we put in the efforts to make that happen in terms of money and banking. This is probably the big reason that encouraged Shopify to join the Libra Association, however, this one baby step, the company will take the solution to resolve the problem of the entire globe.

As a part of the Libra Association, the company aims to support the entrepreneurial prospects of over one million merchants on the Shopify platform. This further means, Shopify is aiming for better transparency in terms of capital and fees. Additionally, better security & privacy for the data of the merchant’s customer data. The company is mulling over building an infrastructure that empowers more and more entrepreneurs worldwide.

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