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Research says Bitcoin Market to Push $1 Trillion by ‘Perfect Strom’

Bitcoin traders and investors have been long predicted about the establishment of the financial services industry’s jump into cryptocurrency.

Even though the recent moves by some of the world’s biggest banks suggested the failure to convincingly materialize of Wall Street’s highly anticipated institutional support for bitcoin, maybe slowly but it’s sure. 

Presently, following support fund investments administrator Paul Tudor Jones' ongoing attack into bitcoin, specialists have discovered a total 1% institutional distribution to bitcoin "can easily" bring bitcoin's all out an incentive above $1 trillion—with a "perfect storm" possibly making each bitcoin token worth over $50,000, up from just shy of $10,000 right now.

In a recent report, Ryan Watkins, an analyst at bitcoin and crypto research firm Messari, wrote "Institutional investors are the white whales of cryptocurrency,". “Depending on your assumptions, an aggregate 1% institutional allocation to bitcoin can easily bring bitcoin’s market cap above $1 trillion”, he added.

"Ever so elusive, institutional investment in cryptocurrency has long been considered the most significant barrier between bitcoin and a multi-trillion dollar market capitalization."

The bitcoin and cryptocurrency network was set to land a month ago by news investment giant  Paul Tudor Jones' eventual purchasing bitcoin as possible support against the expansion uncommon central bank boost measures could bring, causing Watkins to inquire:

"What would it look like if institutional investors followed Paul Tudor Jones and allocated a 'low single-digit percentage' to bitcoin?"

Jones, the founder and chief executive of Tudor Investment and considered one of the world’s most influential macroeconomic traders, told CNBC, "[Bitcoin] is a great speculation”. He also added, "just over 1% of my assets in bitcoin. Maybe it’s almost two. That seems like the right number right now."

Watkins discovered fiat flows into bitcoin regularly drove value increases of between two times and 25 times during bitcoin's epic 2017 bull run, highlighting research by Chris Burniske, the prime supporter of crypto-centered investment firm Placeholder

Watkins also said on Twitter that, "While hard to estimate, Burniske’s illustrative range from 2x-25x provides a picture of potential outcomes if institutional investors began to accumulate bitcoin." 

"Flows into and out of an asset do not necessarily result in one-to-one moves in the price of the asset, and can be amplified into much larger price movements."

Desires that institutional financial investors could be going to get tied up with bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are thought to have added to bitcoin's 2017 value blast, which saw the bitcoin value ascend from under $1,000 per bitcoin to around $20,000 in less than a year. 

These expectations diminished through 2018 however have as of late returned, with a few, including co-founder of social news accumulation site Reddit and early financial specialist in major U.S. bitcoin and crypto trade Coinbase, Alexis Ohanian, as of late anticipating another bitcoin and "crypto spring."

Watkins wrote, "in anticipation of [institutions'] hopeful arrival, firms have raised more than $1 billion in order to build infrastructure to serve them. And deal activity is picking up as the perfect storm appears to be brewing for investment in bitcoin."

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