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Recover bitcoin wallet lost private keys

Consulting24 is happy to announce recover bitcoin wallets lost private keys service. The team Has experience recovering bitcoin and ethereum funds. Over 20 wallets and a total of over 10 million of funds have been recovered. Its possibility to recover Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets from laptops or phones. Ledger and Trezor hardware wallets are also supported.

Recovery cases:

1) Recover Bitcoin wallet password 

2) Recover lost mnemonic phrase. 

3) Recover blockchain account password 

4) Recover Ethereum wallet private key 

5) Recover your bitcoin from a damaged phone 

6) Recover locked Mac or PC 

7) Recover Ethereum presale wallet 

8) Recover damaged wallet

If you only have access to your public key, there is nothing we can do.

Service is only charged commission based. The commission will be charged only when we successfully recover funds. 

Earn 5% commission from stored wallet funds

We are happy to announce a referral campaign. If you know somebody that has lost their Bitcoin or Ethereum wallet private keys, we will pay a 5% commission from the total amount of funds restored.

For more information or send us inquiry

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