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Opera, First Search Browser to Enable Direct Bitcoin Payments

One amongst the leading web browsers, Opera has enabled the facility of direct payments via the Bitcoin currency directly within their browser.

Opera official shared this big announcement in a press release with Cointelegraph on October the 21st. The heart of this declaration is now more than 350 million users of Opera around the globe can now easily receive & send Bitcoin payments directly via the web browser to make online purchases from and eCommerce business websites.

Industry experts are terming this move by Opera a big, throwing light on the growing popularity of electronic currency to drive our financial society forward.

Not just send/receive Bitcoins, with Opera you have the added benefit of an in-built crypto wallet known as TRON (TRX) Card to keep a tap on your crypto assets.

What The Crypto Head of Opera, Charles Hamel Has to Say on This New Feature Launch?

“We believe that opening our browser to more blockchains, including Bitcoin, is the logical next step to making our solution more relevant to anyone who has a Bitcoin crypto wallet and would like to do things with their cryptocurrencies beyond just keeping them in an account.”

Earlier this summer, the Crypto payment features are unveiled for the Opera Beta version. Surprisingly, then the Cryptocurrency available then for making online purchases was Ethereum in the month of February.

Opera Recent Web 3-Driven Developments

One of the globally trusted search browsers, Opera in recent months have been investing a lot of money and human resources to fuel the web 3 developments to take web development experience to a whole new level. Web 3 is the next evolution of the web, that pay great emphasis on the power of quality content to rank websites along with the limitless possibilities of Blockchain, and not to mention, the involvement of decentralized currencies.

Recently, Opera released an exclusive IOS version for its iPhone users around the world. The Opera Touch version support new and advanced features like Ethereum protocols and Ethereum web3 Apps. It also has a web3 explorer that let its users conduct crypto transactions and interact with web3.

Although, the web browsing sharing of Opera is merely 3% as per the latest data for the month of September this year, its new developments when it comes to web3 and adaption on cryptocurrencies are bound to have a telling influence over the World Wide Web.

As previously said by the Crypto head of Opera, Hamel, they aim to get rid of friction involved in-“using cryptocurrencies online and accessing Web 3 via special apps or extensions,” in the quest to bring the emerging technologies into the mainstream.

Lastly, Crypto powered web browser, Brave has claimed to achieve a pretty vast database of more than 2.8 million users and its user-engagement numbers with each passing hour. The number of creators involved with the development of the Brave browser suggests that it has tremendously grown in popularity, and the network is expected to scale new peaks of dominance in the coming years.

To Wrap Up

So, now Opera has recognized the power of Blockchain-powered currencies, now the time will whether it was a great move or mere blunder. Also, it has to be seen, how other top searched browsers such as Google Chrome and Bings will be influenced by this or not.

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