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Now There Is a Chance to Trade on Uniswap Without Going Out of Twitter

Mask Network has started a widget enabling Twitter users to trade on Uniswap without going out of the social platform.

Mask Network has started a trading widget letting Twitter users enter market data and trade Ethereum-based crypto assets without going out of the platform.

The unique Mask widget opens up a window featuring market data and an interface for trading on Uniswap when users hang the mouse pointer over crypto asset tickers in posts.

The new widget was announced in a tweet on September 24. Mask Network (previously recognized as Maskbook) told it wishes to extend the service to different famous social media websites, for example like Facebook as well as other protocols in the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem.

Mask has done a great job since its first launch in July 2019. When it was first launched this widget was designed to allow Twitter and Facebook users to encrypt posts on the platforms. 

Mask has produced many ‘applets,’ including a feature that catches all tweets including a Gitcoin URL to allow users to do direct deposits to a grant campaign in one click without going out of Twitter. 

There will be a new version of Mask which is slated for release in 45 days, making a yield aggregator, portfolio analysis, and ‘Initial Twitter Offering’ points to the widget. They still need to explain what that is.

Yet this is not it, there are more ideas, like for the widget to allow peer-to-peer payments, token issuance, and decentralized storage functionality to Web 2 users. 

The crew is also eying the e-commerce sector, prognosticating that future versions of the widget will help a booming business for social content in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

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