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Now Book Airbnb with Bitcoin and Lighting Network through Fold App

Fold, a Bitcoin payment App which is always creating a lot of buzzes, was again in the news as it made the big announcement that its users can now book Airbnb-a globally renewed home-sharing network.

This announcement made by the company official further added, if you choose to pay for Airbnb services with the Fold App, you will get 3% Bitcoin cashback.

Now, Get $25 and $100 Airbnb Gift Vouchers for Bitcoins

Home-sharing giant, Airbnb recently unveiled its exclusive reward program for Fold App users; this program is known as Ford Kickbacks. This Airbnb rewards also supports the Bitcoin’s second Layer Lighting Network, commonly pronounced as LN. Thus, offering users to buy gift cards for Bitcoin with a special cashback of 3%. You can buy $25 and $100 gift cards on the official website of Fold. 

All You Need To Know About the Fold App Kickbacks Program

Unveiled in the month of July this year, the Fold App’s kickbacks program is a mass revolution of Bitcoin popularization in the crypto market. Today, this cashback program of Fold is being supported by some of the top names in the industry, such as the Amazon, Uber, and Starbucks. However, the Fold App is operative in selected countries, covering the United States of America, Mexico, Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

In the coming years, Fold App is expected to gain grounds in Europe as per the official words of the company’s representatives. 

In the month of September, the firm accomplished its biggest feat by raising $2.5 million with the quest to expand its service horizon through the fiat currency payment facility. 

The upgraded version of the Fold App lets its users spend both fiat and digital currency at its partner physical and online retail stores around the world. This can be done simply by adding your credit/debit card details or connecting with your Bitcoin Lighting Wallet.

Though Fold is one amongst the oldest Bitcoin shopping rewards Apps launched in the year 2014, it is certainly not the only one to ‘stack stats,” there is so much more to it. 

A recent successful Bitcoin reward program was of Lolli. This shopping App entered collaboration with the Pecto, America’s leading pet products retailer in late August. The Lolli App also came up with an exclusive rewards program partnering the Safeway, American grocery chain, to present their customers a special 3.5% cashback in Bitcoin on all kinds of purchases via the App. 

Another one to mention is Amaten, a Japanese gift card platform. It announced its special program with Aelf, a Blockchain network provider, to offer tokenized gift cards.

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