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Novogratz is Saying that Bitcoin is Becoming Less-Risky for Investment

10 years ago investing a big amount of money in Bitcoin began with huge skepticism. According to the ex-hedge fund manager investing in the asset carries a smaller threat right now.

Bitcoin (BTC) has achieved notable notoriety in the decade since the start of 2009. Such as MicroStrategy and other huge mainstream members have lately started to invest big sums of money in the asset, normalizing its tenacity as an investment for some people.

Mike Novogratz

Mike Novogratz, who is the CEO of Galaxy Digital, told Bitcoin is now an evident financial act.

October 27 Novogratz told in a tweet:

"On a risk-adjusted basis, BTC is an easier bet today than it has ever been," he added, "It’s being de-risked daily."

"Adjusted by its volatility, Bitcoin has presented the best return in one or two years against all other asset classes," Marcel Pechman told when asked to weigh in on Novogratz tweet. "Few investors expect gold to rally 60%, but it never went below -8% so the Sharpe index adjusts returns based on volatility.”

MicroStrategy is not the only mainstream giant to enter the party although it purchased more than $400 million worth of BTC in late months. Square who is headed up by Jack Dorsey, bought $50 million of Bitcoin lately, announced on Oct. 8. 

In May 2020 after publishing his BTC holdings, Paul Tudor Jones examined the asset to an investment in Apple before its boom.

Today Bitcoin is simpler to obtain financial exposure than it was before with its mainstream involvement, including the popular trading products being developed around it. Although it was first designed as an alternative model of money, Bitcoin has achieved prevalence more as a store of value and investment opportunity in late years.

"I don't think Bitcoin is going to be used as a transactional currency any time in the next five years," Novogratz told in a conversation posted on Oct. 23. "Bitcoin is being used as a store of value," he added. "People are worried that the central banks around the world are debasing fiat currencies." 

For example, the U.S. government issued a large amount of its national currency in 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic; and behavior that could eventually lower the value of the American dollar as a complex. 

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