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Norwegian Air is Planning to Add Cryptocurrency as a Payment Method This Spring

One of Europe’s biggest airlines, Norwegian Air may allow its customers to pay for the tickets with digital currency. This speculation has been raised, ever since the Norwegian Block Exchange CEO, Stig Kjos-Mathisen, in an interview given to a local business magazine said that they have successfully setup the crypto trading platform that offers the customers of the Norwegian Air to buy the flight tickets using their crypto assets.

“Everything is ready to go from our side”, Kjos-Mathisen said in the interview. They are considering adding the electronic currency payment method later in 2020 or as early as the upcoming spring.

Kjos-Mathisen is the son-in-law of the founder and CEO of the Norwegian Air, Bjorn Kjos. Kros has been greatly involved with the development of the NBX since the year 2019. The objective of the NBX program is to acknowledge the global trend cryptocurrency as a payment method at physical and online stores worldwide.

In the month of September 2019, one amongst the oldest Norway bank has obtained 16.3 percent of the NBX program for a worth of 1.6 million dollars. The NBX exchange has been unveiled for the beta user since last September, and now it will allow the general customers to buy and sell cryptocurrency.

Norwegian Air Shuttle was established in the year 1993, today it is third in the list of the reasonably-priced airline in entire Europe, and number one when it comes to airlines in Scandinavia. This airline has flights to different parts of the world, right from North Africa, Europe to the different cities of America.

Last October, with several cost cuts, the Norwegian Air had the best quarter in their history. The profit was marked at 2.2 billion Norwegian Kroner or roughly 215 million US dollars. In the year 2018. The Norwegian Air has transported over 37 million passengers, which is the highest in a single year.

It is not clear which electronic currencies will be accepted by the Norwegian Air for booking flight tickets. The son of the founder of this airline, Lars Ola Kjos has reported investing in 3.5 million NOK for buying bitcoin in 2017 before the price of this currency has at an all-time high around $20,000.

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