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Microsoft to bring 500 jobs in Morrisville with an average wage of $125,000

According to the reports by some tech blogs Microsoft is planning to bring 500 jobs to the triangle (a region in the Piedmont of North Carolina in the United States) and that too with an average wage of $125,000. This number is more than double the average of Wake County wage.

The tech giant has come to an agreement with North Carolina to generate jobs by the year 2023. This will enable Microsoft to receive a tax benefit of more than $12M for over 12 years if their plans get executed as expected.

Reggie Isaac, the US Citizenship Lead for Economic Development at Microsoft, in a statement said, “Microsoft has been exploring opportunities in North Carolina and now that it has one, we are definitely excited and are looking forward to growing our workforce in the Wake County. We’ll expand our ability to drive innovation and serve our employees, clients, and partners.”

The agreement was approved by the Department of Commerce in North Carolina at a meeting on December 17 and was later announced by Governor Roy Cooper. The agreement says that Microsoft will be investing more than $47M in its expansion in Morrisville.

The expansion is said to be Microsoft’s second such move in three months in North Carolina since a 430 job boost was announced in Charlotte back in October.

Governor Roy Cooper on the agreement said, “Companies like Microsoft continue to expand in our region as they believe we are the right fit for their success. Skilled, diverse worker community and a strong infrastructure are the supporting factors to the idea of expansion in our state.”

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