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Libra Stablecoin Project: New Lobbyists are hired by Facebook

Two new lobbyists have been hired by social media giant- Facebook which will aid the forthcoming Libra Stablecoin release. On Sept, Bloomberg stated, lobbying filed was disclosed this week which explained that the President of regulatory counseling firm and legislative, William Hollier started Facebook lobbying on blockchain policy and other different matters, in the last days of August. 

Once U.S. Republican Sen. Mike Crapo said about blockchain and cryptocurrencies that Libra project of Facebook has produced interest in blockchain, digital currencies and the balance between digital currencies, regulation and innovative underlying technology could result in meaningful results. Hollier used to work for this U.S. Republican. 

In July, another lobbyist from the Williams Group, Michael Williams started lobbying for Facebook. Williams worked as a managing director for Credit Suisse Securities in an investment banking company. 

Libra Project's other support:

FS Vector, a Washington-based lobbying firm was hired by Facebook in late August, which is actually a consultancy firm specializing in business strategy, public policy and regulatory compliance for financial services, bl

ockchain, fintech and cryptocurrency sectors. Now with the Libra's negative response, this firm will help Facebook grapple. 

Founders of the Gemini crypto exchange and Bitcoin (BTC) bulls, Cameron Winklevoss and Tyler stated they are ready to partnering with Mark Zuckerberg on Libra. 

Hereafter, in late August, a report surfaced three early backers of Facebook for launch plan of Libra stable coin were considered to withdraw their support for regulatory pushback. 

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