Jack Dorsey at Oslo Freedom Forum regarding Twitter Blockchain Strategy

At the point when Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey talked at the virtual Oslo Freedom Forum 2020 on Friday, he said blockchain innovation is the eventual fate of Twitter. 

"Blockchain and bitcoin point to a future, point to a world, where content exists forever," Dorsey said. "We’re not in the content hosting business anymore, we’re in the discovery business." 

To put it plainly, Dorsey anticipates that the charitable Blue Sky should make an open Twitter convention, which clients can add to and access information from rather than brought together assistance where the web-based media stage has content on its site.

Jack Dorsey

“[Blue Sky] is a completely separate nonprofit from the company [Twitter],” Dorsey added. “We’ll focus on becoming a client of it so we can build a compelling service and business where anyone can access and anyone can contribute.”

He included the not-for-profit is as yet hoping to employ at any rate five jobs, entrusted with making a public blockchain stage. 

"You see this most fundamentally in bitcoin and in blockchain," Dorsey stated, depicting the move from incorporated specialist organizations to various organization members. "The keys will be more and more in the hands of the individual." 

With respect to Bitcoin Twitter, as it exists today, Dorsey comprehensively addressed the significance of defending clients' characters, which might be the way to solid talk. Additionally, Twitter's staff are amping up dependence and AI devices to help distinguish non-credible client conduct, otherwise known as promulgation.

“I appreciate the difference between anonymity and pseudonymity,” he said. “Pseudonymity is built identity. … We want to protect that,” he added. 

The appearance comes after the now-scandalous Twitter hack of July 2020, when the stage endured its most unmistakable assault in years. A 17-year-old programmer is as yet being gone after for numerous extortion charges in Florida for invading a portion of the world's most conspicuous records and requesting bitcoin installments. 

“Security is not anything that can ever be perfected, it’s a constant race,” Dorsey said. “The more we’re giving the individual the keys, the safer we’re going to be.”

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