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Intel CEO Claimed To Witness the Best Quarter in Company's History

CEO of the tech giant, Intel Bob Swan, recently in an interview with CNBC, announced that the third quarter ended was best in the company's history of 51 years.

What Exactly the Intel CEO, Bob Told the CNBC:-

Bob Swan

"It was the best quarter in the company's 51-year history," says Intel CEO Bob Swan. "Everything was stronger than we expected this quarter. If you think about where we were simply 90 days ago, we had a view that the quarter would be roughly $18 billion, but we closed at $19.2 billion. That's $1.2 billion higher than we expected." 

Third Quarter, The Best Quarter in 51 Years.

This quarter the company did well on the overall, the industry experts anticipated the company revenue number to be around $18 billion, but the revenue reached the figure of $19.2 billion. So, $1.2 billion difference is throw weight behind the statement of Bob Swan that they just had a fantastic year. The company witness robustness across the board, and that's why this quarter was best in the company's long history of 51 years.

The business data-centric, which is often termed as an integral growth parameter sets new records for Intel this year. The DCG segment of the Intel created a new record, IoT, on the other hand, too accomplished a new high.

Mobileeye division of Intel also has created history this quarter. In a nutshell, the company had strong growth across the board during the company's transition from quarter 2 to 3. Above the above, the company was able to accomplish an excess growth of 1.2 billion. The company increased the earnings and the cash flow too was increased by a billion dollars. The company's CEO believes this juggernaut will going to continue for the next year too.

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