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Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOS)- Investor Alert

The SEC’s Office of Investor Education and Advocacy warns the investors to take cautions before doing any kind of investment in” initial exchange offerings " through any web-based platforms.

IEO is growing very fast in the digital world. IEOs is very much similar to ICOs.It's like a Digital investment, where you purchase some virtual coins or some tokens to raise capital. However, IEOs are directly offered by the online trading platforms, without charging any fee on behalf of the company. So that they can offer people immediate trading opportunities for digital assets. But most of these online trading platforms are not registered with the SECs and which may inappropriately allude to themselves as "trades," may likewise profess to perform due industriousness or other quality appraisals of the IEOs. You should be careful if you are thinking of any kind of investment in IEOs.They may claim various advancements in technologies and financial products. They may also State that IEOs are verified by exchanging authorities, can be utilized inappropriately to allure speculators with the bogus guarantee of significant profits with very high returns. IEOs might be directed infringing upon the government protection laws and need a considerable lot of the financial specialist assurances of enrolled and excluded protections contributions. Is the IEO a securities offering?

There are some important issues in IEO and investors must be aware of it. If we talk about ICOs.It depends on the condition and circumstances, they may offer the sale of securities, But in the case of IEOs, there may be a requirement of Proper registration under the federal Security Laws. Registration means companies have to disclose all the information like about itself, business details and digital assets which they are going to offer to the investors. Is the platform a securities exchange?

If an online Trading platform wants to involve securities exchange then they have to get register with the SEC  separately as a national securities exchange or operate pursuant to an exemption, such as an alternative trading system (ATS). And An ATS must be any registered broker-dealer, which complies with applicable that it can legally operate in the United States.

The government laws and guidelines overseeing enrolled national protections trades. These  are intended to ensure speculators and forestall deceitful and manipulative exchanging rehearses. Various online platforms may give the misimpression to financial specialists that they are enrolled or meet the administrative necessities for a national protections trade or ATS, and in this way may not have the speculator insurances that a national protections trade or an ATS give to financial specialists.

Is the platform a broker-dealer?

The online trading platform involves IEOS may have to register with SECS TO act as a broker or dealer and become a self-regulatory organization, Typically FINRA. Those brokers, who are registered with SECS. They are subject to legal and regulatory requirements that govern their conduct. Which provides a safeguard to investors and acts under SEC’s customer protection standards. Is the IEO in compliance with federal securities laws?

If any IEO’s is Noncompliance with the federal securities laws means the IEO and/Online trading platform, then it may happen that IEO and/or trading platform is performing some unlawful activity. So you should be careful of all those IEO and/online trading platform who complied with federal securities laws.

As you have seen in past years, cryptocurrency fraudulent case has been increased.with development of IEOS, Fraudulent people also get more opportunities to do fraud. Investors should be careful of it. Can I invest in an overseas IEO?

If any IEO is offering for the person in the united states even if the IEO and/Online trading platform is based overseas then the federal securities laws still may apply. But still,  overseas online trading companies may comply with federal security laws, so you must be careful before investing in any IEOS/online trading company. Still investment in an offshore online trading company is a  risk soo you should be carefully considered. Investors also should be aware that they may have no effective legal remedies in U.S courts against offshore online trading platforms or IEOs. Investors may have to rely on legal remedies in a foreign country but still, it is not a safe way of investment. 

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