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IIT Delhi to Start School of Artificial Intelligence From January 2021

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi has built up a free 'School of Artificial Intelligence (ScAI)' on its grounds. The School of Artificial Intelligence (ScAI) means to solidify IIT Delhi's administration position in India and improve its worldwide standing. 

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ScAI will start its Ph.D. program from the following confirmation cycle-January 2021. Postgraduate level certificate courses to be offered by the School are under the arranging stage. 

Discussing the IIT Delhi's arrangements for the School of AI, Prof V. Ramgopal Rao, Director, IIT Delhi stated, "The future progress of a nation will depend on its AI capability. Therefore, many countries have started investing heavily in AI. India is also responding to this. PM Shri Narendra Modi has emphasized the importance of AI in his policies. Besides, India is ranked 5th in the world in both the most number of AI companies and AI jobs."

He added “However, we are lagging behind in some very important aspects, specifically in the number of AI researchers in the country and the overall quality and quantity of AI research. To fill this gap, IIT Delhi has established the School of AI on the campus. One of the goals of setting up ScAI is also to strengthen IIT Delhi’s place on the global map of AI.” 

A portion of the elevated level targets of the School of AI built up by IIT Delhi include: 

  • To unite the more than fifty IIT Delhi employees independently put resources into different parts of the field. With this, ScAI hopes to go about as a power multiplier for general research efficiency. 

  • To give outside marking to IIT Delhi in this field vital. A durable gathering in AI will permit centered recruiting of employees and understudies to increment worldwide visibility. It will end up being a one-stop community for industry or government keen on teaming up or financing AI advancements. 

  • To give a stage to industry, government, and common society substances to share their area issues, which will at that point be coordinated with IIT Delhi workforce with the pertinent specialized/expository mastery. 

  • To start instructive projects zeroed in on AI. At first, the emphasis will be on the postgraduate level. In the wake of accomplishing a minimum amount of center AI specialists, proficient level instructive projects will be presented.

A program in AI is needed because current degrees are broad-based, and do not make it easy for students to learn the depths of different subfields within AI. On the other hand, there is strong demand globally for skilled AI practitioners, which these programs can cater to.,” Prof Rao further added.

Given its multi-disciplinary nature, ScAI will have an adaptable personnel model for example it will have center staff, joint personnel, and aide employees (who may likewise be from the business). 

"Core faculty members will be those who consider AI, or its applications in various domain areas (e.g., healthcare, transportation), as their main research area. Core faculty members will also be responsible for developing the School and will be deeply invested in its success. ScAI expects to hire at least 20 core faculty members in the next ten years," Prof Mausam, School of AI's Founding Head stated.

As ScAI begins, a few existing employees in the foundation are probably going to take joint arrangements in ScAI and give early bearings to the school. At long last, assistant employees will be the individuals who are full-time in another division, however, will connect with ScAI's employees on research activities, and may likewise show elective courses. 

"We are also looking for external partners to help shape this new school into a world-class entity", Prof. Mausam included. 

By and large, ScAI will be wide in its exploration directions and multi-disciplinary in its scholastic interests. The School of AI will be IIT Delhi's 6th school.

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