Estonian Telecom Provider Telia Starts To Offer A New Complete Solution For Business Customers

Estonian Telecom provider Telia starts to offer a new complete solution for business customers- faster internet with network protection.

In September, Telia will start to offer its business customers an innovative and simple online service with a network-based security solution, which is called Turvanet in Estonian. The new solution's security filter helps combat common threats such as insecure websites, known malware, viruses, and cyber-attacks, and in the last weeks of the service's trial period, Turvanet filters have averted an average of 1,700,000 potential threats per week.

Rapid digitalization opens up new opportunities for businesses, but at the same time, cyber threats are increasing. The number of different cyber attacks has almost doubled in a year, and more and more often cyber threats are lurking in companies. Unfortunately, today only one in five companies uses additional network security solutions.

"Larger companies, which are more exposed to cyber threats, have a better understanding of the risks and are generally concerned with protecting their company's network and equipment. However, medium-sized and small companies often do not pay much attention to security issues in addition to their core business. The lack of relevant competence and the lack of financial opportunities to purchase or rent relatively expensive special equipment has certainly been important factors here.

However, there are more than 125,500 companies in Estonia, employing up to 10 people, or 94% of all companies. Thinking of them, we at Telia have developed an innovative and simple internet-based security solution Internet service - Turvanet. At the same time, the solution is also suitable for larger companies," said Raul Juhanson, Telia's Business Development Manager.

The new solution's security filter helps combat common threats such as insecure websites, known malware and viruses, and cyber-attacks. The security filter automatically provides the basic security for all devices connected to the company's Turvanet network via cable or Wi-Fi, such as computers, production equipment, mobile phones, printers, coffee machines, and any other machine with an Internet connection.

The first customers joined the Turvanet test platform already in June this year. In the last weeks of the pilot project, the service's securi