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Estonia an crypto-friendly jurisdiction. Consulting24 announcement. announces purpose-built brand to streamline an Estonian cryptocurrency license acquisition process for blockchain and cryptocurrency startup and scaleup companies across the world. Cryptocurrency regulations in Estonia are open and innovative and a good fit for companies that are looking to set up a cryptocurrency exchange or any other cryptocurrency-related venture. 

Estonia, home to many world-leading cryptocurrency companies is recognized for straight forward crypto regulations, short deadlines, and good value for money. 

Visit to find out more about why to acquire an Estonian cryptocurrency exchange license. Estonia also currently ranks first in the International Tax Competitiveness Index and enables entrepreneurs to pay Estonian taxes 100% online with minimal hassle. 

According to Tax Foundation, Estonia’s top score in 2019 is driven mainly by four features of its tax system:

  • 20% tax rate on corporate income. This means that Estonia’s corporate income tax system allows companies to reinvest their profits tax-free.

  • It has a flat 20 percent tax on individual income. The tax is not applied in case of distributed dividends that have already been taxed with a corporate income tax.

  • Its property tax applies only to the value of land, rather than to the value of real property or capital.

  • It has a territorial tax system that exempts 100 percent of foreign profits earned by domestic corporations from domestic taxation, with few restrictions.

The Takeaway

If you are also looking for a complete consultation for bringing your dream business within the crypto industry into life, you must look for the right team. And, offers you that solution. So, why to wait and keep planning when you can take notes from those who have done it for themselves and helped others obtain more than 300+ Estonian cryptocurrency exchange licenses.


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