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Estonia telecom provider Telia starts offering next generation highly secure Internet for businesses

Telia offers a new generation Internet solution that, in addition to a faster connection, protects your company's devices, data, and information systems from cyber threats. Security blocks unsafe websites and blocks cyber attacks and malware.

  • Protects your Internet connection with a network security filter

  • Repels potential cyber threats

  • Configurable in one day, without accessories

So what business partner can do with this service?

As part of the service, a business customer can:

Use the Internet connection at the agreed location (connection point) via Telia's communication network;

Select the appropriate upload and download speed (connection speed) within the technical solution offered at the location of the connection point of the Internet package (eg optical cable, 4G, 5G, etc.);

Use a single dynamic public IP address, which is the most commonly used solution. Special settings, such as a static IP address or address range, can be ordered for an additional fee;

Enhanced service level (SLA) for Internet access, the conditions of which depend on the selected connection speed. If desired, a service level with a different parameter can also be ordered for the connection for a separate fee;

A network-based security filter to improve the security of data traffic between the access point and the Internet to automatically address identified cyber threats. If desired, the security filter functionality can be switched off in self-service or by contacting Telia.

Safety filter

In order to create a security filter, Telia installs a device in its communication network for analyzing data traffic, which operates in accordance with the functionalities prescribed by the device manufacturer. This device is managed and maintained by Telia in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. As part of the administration, Telia monitors the operation of the security filter, updates the software installed in the device;

As part of the service, the customer can get an overview of the operation of the security filter, detected and blocked threats, blockings of unsafe websites, and malware in the agreed manner and for a period.

It is the customer's responsibility to draw conclusions about the information reflected in the reviews, including, if necessary, disconnecting and maintaining problematic network devices from the customer's internal network. Telia does not respond to or resolve cyber threats identified or blocked by a security filter. In no event will Telia be liable for any consequences of cyber threats or other IT assets incurred by the customer, regardless of the use of a security filter.

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