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Estonia Is One Of The First Countries In The World To Create A Digital Nomad Visa

The Estonian Parliament approved amendments to the Aliens Act on June 3, which allow for the creation of a digital nomad visa, so Estonia is one of the first countries in the world to introduce such a visa.

Location-independent knowledge workers can live in Estonia for up to a year because of the visa, while working for employers or clients outside of the country. 

A digital nomad visa will let internationals who are engaged in jobs independent of time and location, mostly in the field of marketing, technology, finance, to work in Estonia. 

Such a visa is issued for both short-term and long-term stays, the ministry explains. 

Mart Helme, who is Estonia’s Minister of the Interior pointed out that: 

A digital nomads visa strengthens Estonia’s image as an e-state and thus enables Estonia to have a more effective say on an international scale. It also contributes to the export of Estonian e-solutions, which is especially important in recovering from the current economic crisis.”

The general conditions for issuing visas apply to the issuance of digital nomadic visas; the amendments have also taken into account the minimization of the risk of misuse, according to minister Helme.

He also said that “by default, no digital nomad is entitled to a visa and their background is checked as carefully as for other visa applicants”.

The Digital Nomad visa Program will be implemented progressively, according to Estonia's government. International workers have to prove that they are digital nomads and then have the right to apply for a visa, this is going to be the first step.

Estonia’s Ministry of the Interior announced:

“In the future, solutions are being developed that will enable the integration of other Estonian e-government solutions, especially e-residency, with the digital nomad visa. The program offered by a reliable service provider is planned in the future.”

According to preliminary estimates from the Estonian Ministry of the Interior nearly 1,800 people a year could apply for a digital nomad visa.

Right now the countries that offer visas for digital nomads are: 

Estonia, Costa Rica, Norway, Mexico, Portugal, Czech Republic, Germany. 

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