E-Government Is Taking The Next Step In The Wider World

The mega-project, which was signed on Monday, takes the idea of ​​the Estonian e-state to the world and opens a huge international market for our IT companies.

On Monday evening, Minister for Foreign Trade and Information Technology Raul Siem (EKRE) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the United Nations International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and other international partners, which aims to create a global platform or standard for digital governance and national e-services.

According to Marten Kaevats, one of the project's lead advisers, the State Chancellery's digital adviser, this is the largest project in which the Estonian e-government could participate - if agreements were signed in May to run the World Health Organization All countries can participate, with a focus on developing countries, which may not be able to build a large and complex digital services system themselves.

"We are basically starting to order and build digital services in a completely new way. It is not absolutely a question of technology, but rather of organizational culture. The principle is that we try to make a large system as small as possible," Kaevats explained.

Raul Kaidro, one of the already dedicated Estonian entrepreneurs, the founder of the digital identity solutions company RaulWalter, highlighted the participation of the ITU as an important aspect.

"They set the standard for how things will work out. For example, what is the GSM standard in telecommunications. There is currently no e-government standard, but if such is created and we manage to be with it, then it is possible to further develop projects for very interesting countries," said Kaidro.

The cooperation project led by Estonians does not offer a unified digital state solution, because it would be