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Crypto regulations in focus: Deutsche Bank will start to offer digital asset custody service.

Deutsche Bank is taking significant steps into the world of cryptocurrencies and digital assets by collaborating with the Swiss startup Taurus, known for its expertise in cryptocurrency safekeeping. Together, they are poised to establish comprehensive digital asset custody and tokenization services.

This strategic move aligns with Deutsche Bank's ongoing efforts to navigate the evolving landscape of crypto regulations. Notably, in June, Germany's largest lender applied for a crypto custody license from the country's financial watchdog, BaFin, demonstrating its commitment to ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Deutsche Bank's foray into the crypto space can be traced back to early 2021, when details about a digital asset custody prototype were disclosed in a report by the World

Deutsche Bank Partners with Taurus: Adhering to Crypto Regulations

Economic Forum. The partnership with Taurus represents a tangible step forward in realizing its ambitions in the cryptocurrency sphere.

The timing of these developments is noteworthy, as they coincide with Germany's gradual rollout of regulations pertaining to the custody of crypto assets. Furthermore, at the broader European level, the proposed Markets in cryptocurrency regulation (MiCA) is providing greater clarity for financial institutions exploring opportunities in the digital assets industry.

By collaborating with Taurus and actively pursuing a crypto custody license, Deutsche Bank is positioning itself as a key player in the emerging cryptocurrency and digital asset ecosystem. This partnership underscores the bank's commitment to compliance with crypto regulations and its dedication to providing robust custody and tokenization services in an increasingly digital financial landscape.



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