COVID-19 Will Send Bitcoin “Parabolic,” According To “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” Book’s Author

Bitcoin (BTC) after the mayhem of  coronavirus will go parabolic, the writer of the world's top-selling book says :

In a tweet on April 15, Robert Kiyosaki, who wrote "Rich Dad Poor Dad," contended that the coronavirus pandemic was "great" for Bitcoin.

Robert Kiyosaki

Kiyosaki: BTC Among “Best Investments”

The biggest cryptographic money, which has extensively balanced out since colliding with $3,700 in mid-March, is currently one of the "best investments" accessible.

“US gov printing $10 trillion in FAKE US $ to save the US. FED printing $10 trillion to save SHADOW Banks,” Kiyosaki summarized. He added:

“Dollar in the BULL market for now. When $ BEAR market begins GOLD SILVER BITCOIN parabolic. Best investments today. DO NOT MISS OUT.”

The famous post exploited a story that has gotten progressively pervasive among Bitcoin supporters and further away from home. In spite of millions looking for joblessness benefits, financial exchanges are incomprehensibly rising.

As Cointelegraph detailed, speculations behind this inside on governments and national banks utilizing coronavirus to make what RT have Max Keiser alludes to as "neo-feudalism."